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  1. SliderR1

    Body Templates for Paint/Wrap Designs

    Does anyone have a template they used to create the paint/wrap designs for the body panels?
  2. SliderR1

    LSJ Coolant Pump - Bench Test

    I hooked up some jumpers to a 12v battery and to my coolant pump and got no response... Anybody else test their pump this way? Thinking it might be dead.
  3. SliderR1

    Oil Filter Changes

    Anyone with a completed Goblin changed their oil filter yet? Looks like it has the potential be a real pain.. Just curious what those that have done it think. There is at least one company that makes a relocation kit, but its not cheap...
  4. SliderR1

    SS Model Heat Exhanger Fan Wiring

    I've done a few searches and can't seem to find the answer to where the wiring originates to control the heat exchanger fan. The build video doesn't cover this since its not an SS...
  5. SliderR1

    Kit Delivery

    So I'm meeting the guys from DF this weekend at Deals Gap to pick up all three stages of my order. I'm feeling lazy and really don't want to drag a trailer up there. My enclosed trailer is currently being used as a large scale outdoor toy box for the kiddos, too...which means an hour of...
  6. SliderR1

    Bench Tuning PCMs

    I was talking to Adam on the phone last week and mentioned the bench harness I had created. I told him I would post some pictures of it. I'm using HP Tuners to make changes. The small circuit board in my box is a UPS system - the backup is a small motorcycle battery seen in the pictures...
  7. SliderR1

    Picture Request

    For those of you that have completed your build - I'm looking for a picture of the rear of the car - from directly behind it. Reason I'm asking is that I'm working on some custom tail lights. I picked up a pair from a 94 DeVille that I'd like to place horizontally. Also planning an LED...
  8. SliderR1

    Fuel Pump Module Interchangibility

    Does anyone know if an '06 or '07 fuel pump module will work with an '05 LSJ? For some reason, the '05 fuel pump modules are more than twice the cost of the newer versions. I've done some searching on and can't find any answers there...
  9. SliderR1

    5 Point Harness

    I've never bought a 5 point harness before. Anything in particular I should be looking for? It appears the shoulder straps mount to the roll bar behind the seat and not the bar down low, correct? Is there a certain type of cam lock that is easier and/or better? Thanks for any input.
  10. SliderR1

    Battery Options

    Is everyone running the Group 90 battery or is their an alternative? Seems like an expensive battery from my limited research so far. Rural King has them for $110. I'm used to spending half that for a battery at RK...
  11. SliderR1

    SliderR1's Track Goblin - 05 SS/SC

    Super excited to start this thread. I've been waiting to post until the donor was secured, and I confirmed that today. It was located close to my hometown in Indiana, so I had my dad pick it up this afternoon. Its a 5 speed car with light driver's side rear quarter panel damage. I'm...
  12. SliderR1

    Engine Year vs Car Year

    I'm still learning so I thought I'd ping this group for some advice. There are a couple of local cobalts for sale that claim to have bad engines. The cars are in the $500 range. One is an 06 and one is an 07. There are a couple of newer engines in the local wrecking yards for around $650. One...
  13. SliderR1


    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the group. I've been reading about these kits for a couple of weeks now and plan on ordering a kit later this year. I've been into sportbikes for a little over 20 years, mostly canyon carving and trackdays with a little roadracing experience...