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  1. jamesm

    Cup Holder

    Would you be willing to share that STL? Or STEP?
  2. jamesm

    Missouri Registration

    you don’t have to pay sales tax if you apply for a junk title.
  3. jamesm

    Surging Idle Problems

    This is what I had to do. I actually had to do it a couple times to get my high idle problem to calm down. 1) Start the engine and let it idle in park for 3 minutes. During that period the idle may be higher idle than normal. 2) After 3 minutes, turn the engine off and leave it off for 60-...
  4. jamesm

    Surging Idle Problems

    Yeah, when it’s running, it should open a little. It’s normally closed when it’s not running. When you cleaned the throttle body, did you do the relearn procedure for the throttle position sensor? I had a high idle problem after I cleaned the TB on mine. Dunno if it’s related to your issue or...
  5. jamesm

    Wheels and tires

    I'll check out those sites. This right here is why I don't like some of the sites and tire places. They only know what's in their computer.....
  6. jamesm

    Wheels and tires

    I was hoping to find some good, reputable sites other than
  7. jamesm

    Wheels and tires

    Where’s the best place to get wheels and tires?
  8. jamesm

    Custom Wraps

    My local shop quoted $800-1000 for full custom art, printed vinyl with over-laminate, and installation. That's for the hood, side panels, and engine cover.
  9. jamesm

    Donor for sale - 2006 LS - Already stripped

    Understandable. I drove to Releigh, NC last summer and it’s a pretty long haul.
  10. jamesm

    Donor for sale - 2006 LS - Already stripped

    I’m in southwest Missouri. Basically halfway between Springfield and Joplin. It’s all still available and would fit in the bed of a pickup truck.
  11. jamesm

    Donor for sale - 2006 LS - Already stripped

    This is still available. I'd like to sell it as a unit, but I'd consider selling individual parts.
  12. jamesm

    ManDan’s city goblin-09 LS donor

    The wiring isn't bad, just take your time, label everything before you cut, and work through it methodically from one end to the other.
  13. jamesm

    Johvans - City Goblin - 07 SS donor

    Congrats on the solo! That's exciting. I vividly remember mine. I did most of my primary training in a 172 as well.
  14. jamesm

    Hand Controlled Goblin

    Welcome! Here's another thread talking about manual control of automatics.
  15. jamesm

    Donor for sale - 2006 LS - Already stripped

    Still available. It's ready to go so make an offer. First to show up with some cash will take it home.
  16. jamesm

    Base Model Performance

    I have a base model manual and it's very quick. I haven't timed it yet but it has more than enough power to set you back in the seat.
  17. jamesm

    James's Extended Track Goblin - 06 LS donor

    Making progress. Got rid of the red donor's shell yesterday. I had most of it stripped before I got stuck in title hell so I decided to finish stripping it. I'm selling the engine/trans and parts if someone needs a donor...
  18. jamesm

    James's Extended Track Goblin - 06 LS donor

    Got a nice little surprise in the mail, my title! All I need to do now is finish up a few switches and get inspected and I'll be legal.
  19. jamesm

    DCMoney's Extended Street Goblin - 06 SS SC

    Yeah, the steering shaft is a pain. I used a heavy ratchet strap wrapped around the front end of the donor to pull it apart.