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  1. jamesm

    Wheels and tires

    Where’s the best place to get wheels and tires?
  2. jamesm

    Donor for sale - 2006 LS - Already stripped

    If you've read my build log, you know that I ended up with two donors (long story)... I finally got the title mess cleaned up so I'm ready to sell the red donor. Since I was partway through the teardown, I decided to just finish it so I could scrap the hull this week. I will provide a photocopy...
  3. jamesm

    Mirror turn signal wiring

    Ok, I give, how are the turn signals on the mirrors wired up? I can only get one small portion of it to light up (the yellow marker light on the outer edge).
  4. jamesm

    Side panels

    How do the side panels mount? I found one tab that I'm guessing is for the panel but I don't see any pre-drilled holes in the frame anywhere.
  5. jamesm

    Remaining connectors after thinning

    Does anyone have a list (preferably with pictures) of all the connectors that should be left after the thinning videos are complete?
  6. jamesm

    Shifter assembly

    Need some advice. How do I connect the shifter to the rods? I saw another threads where they were able to run the rods all the way through the shifter link but mine are designed to capture a textured end. The yellowish piece on the end of the donor shifter cable doesn’t look like it will come off
  7. jamesm

    Car lifts

    Hey folks, I need some advice. I'm considering purchasing a lift for my home shop and I'm debating between a 2 post and a 4 post. For those of you that have lifts, what do you have? What led you to pick that particular style?
  8. jamesm

    Additional parts/components needed

    My Google-fu is failing me today... Does anyone have a list of any parts/components needed to finish a Goblin aside from a functional donor? I heard from Adam that my frame is getting close to being ready so I want to go ahead and order anything else I might need.
  9. jamesm

    James's Extended Track Goblin - 06 LS donor

    I'm building a fairly "stock" extended track Goblin using a manual 2006 LS 4 door donor. When I say stock, I mean that I'm not planning to add any aftermarket components or accessories to my Goblin during the initial build. I may install a better quality/higher performance components If...
  10. jamesm

    Throttle body damage

    I'm starting to look over my donor and I noticed that there is a little damage to the side of the throttle body. I haven't pulled the assembly off yet and my repair manual hasn't been delivered so I was hoping someone could tell me if it's simply a cover that can be replaced or if it's a more...
  11. jamesm

    It's about to get real...

    So I pulled the trigger and put a deposit down on an extended track frame. I'm planning to start the donor teardown work this weekend.
  12. jamesm

    Engine Testing

    I'm about to start the process of stripping my donor but I had a question first. The donor that I found has some front end damage and the plastic air intake pieces are all broken. The engine will start up no problem but it will quickly choke itself out as there's no air going through the MAF...
  13. jamesm

    Greetings from Southwest Missouri

    Hello! My name is James. I'm looking to start a Goblin project relatively soon. I have a 2006 LS manual as a donor car and I'll be ordering my kit as soon as I decide which frame I want.