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Honestly, I haven't paid a lot of attention in the past to the conversations about aftermarket coilovers since I was planning on using the donor struts. However with the rebuild, I'm 90% sure I'm going to replace the struts since one of them seems really weak on the compression (and causing a bit of weird control at times).

My question is, what is all available out there? I know some have converted the struts to coilovers and others are available for purchase from DF. I had saved a webpage for the BC Racing BR-Series. Does this set come with all four or just the fronts?


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Bought the kit from, they are the distributor (don't go to, the manufacture). There is list of items you buy from them individually to make up a custom set needed for the goblin. Each item is order individually so if you don't want the dust boots, you don't have to order them, the same goes for the bump stop and the spanner set. Even though the website stated the plastic coil spring seats come with the lock ring, they don't! I showed them their website said and showed they do, so they threw them in for me.

There are a few custom items you will need from DF to complete the setup. Sorry I don't have those items numbers with me, contact Adam and he can help you with them. You will also need the springs and spring caps either from BC Racing or QA1 for your setup. You will need to determine the spring rate setup. DF suggested using the 300# from the front and installing them in the rear and using 400# in the front. That's what Lonny's car had, and that is what I'm going with.

The items ordered are:

1) Front shock cartridge: $95.00 each plus shipping ORDER 2

2) Front right lower mount: $50.00 each plus shipping ORDER 1

3) Front left lower mount: $50.00 each plus shipping ORDER 1

4) Lower spring seat 53mm: $7.95 each plus shipping ORDER 2 Make sure you order the correct size

5) Middle lock ring 53mm: $7.95 each plus shipping ORDER 2 Make sure you order the correct size

6) Lower lock ring 53mm: $7.95 each plus shipping ORDER 2 Make sure you order the correct size

7) Plastic spring seat isolator: $5.00 each plus shipping ORDER 2

8) Bump stop: $5.00 each plus shipping ORDER 2

9) Adjustment knob M12: $7.95 each plus shipping ORDER 2

10) Dust boot 20mm: $5.00 each plus shipping ORDER 2

11) Spanner wrenches: $25.00 plus shipping OPTIONAL - ORDER 1

12) M12 x 1.25 FINE thread lock nuts of your choosing Order 2

13) QA1 Spring Caps Order 2


***EDITED*** 02-08-2019

Here is the initial adjustment I have for our ride height of around 7" to the bottom of the subframe. Yours will vary, but this will at least get you a good starting point.

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I think that the remaining parts and hardware necessary is all contained within the STRT-CLOVR-R-HW pack, but I may be mistaken.


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Apparently I missed the nuts for the top of the shaft. They are M12X1.25. They are fine thread and fairly hard to find. You can find them on eBay for a good price. I ended up getting flanged lock nuts. I have 10 and only need 2, so let me know if you need a couple and I can see about sending some out.



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I highly recommend going to softer springs in the rear, it really is a game changer for handling.