Late model button panel wiring diagram


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I am impressed - those resistors are not +/-10% like normal resistors. They are more like +/- 0.1% or probably even better! I went through and measured ours - they were all exactly those values except for one. One of the 1270ohm measured more like 1270.5 with the display alternating between 1270 and 1271 - the rest were all exact. Rather than rolling our own, we are planning on using the board from the steering wheel donor just like Chad.


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I don't think the resistor tolerances are all that critical. I think gold banded 5% resistors would be just fine. You're going to pay an arm and a leg for something that has a .1% tolerance. I don't even think that would be an option in your standard carbon film resistor.


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We stock the resistors.

We are in Alaska right now but when we get back we can send you all of the proper resistors. We get back Monday.

Email Adam and let him know.


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Years ago I did an engine swap on my Camero with a VAT that used the little resistor in the key to enable the operation. I too thought that the tolerance was not that critical. There were charts for the possible values. I used 5% resistors and had to custom make a resistor that worked by putting a couple of resistors in series to get the required value to make it work.


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Also keep in mind that a potentiometer would work too. While not optimal for permanent installation, they would make it easy to dial in the correct resistance assuming using one with a relative close value.