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I have the pinouts for the BCM/ECM on my 2006 SS SC LSJ engine. If you want them, I can zip them up and email them to you.
IDRVSLO, I am new to the Goblin forum - just signed up this weekend. I have a question about your intercooler. I am assuming this is an aftermarket cooler, since it seems to be unique form all other photos and videos of TC Goblins I have seen so far. Did you order your kit without the SS/TC option? If so, which kit did you order? I am not a fan of the air to water intercooler living in AZ. Thanks, Tim.
Things no one tells you about building a kit car: It takes 45 minutes to order brake pads at the be parts store because the employees want to know everything about your build. Employees, plural, because invariably the one you're working with will call everyone else over to hear about your project.
Hi, where did you get the hood wrap?
It came with the car. It's Adam's prototype that was purchased from him.
Casey, I will not be available on July 15. Taking Goblin to aurocross. When you do come I also have scales so that we can adjust the corner weights.

Awaiting powdercoat (August). In the meantime I am on a quest to determine whether it is worth my time to design and fabricate custom fiberglass side pods for heat exchangers. We see 110 degrees here in the summer. I don’t want a 26” HE running the width of the back of my car just to avoid heat soak.
Hey fellow Goblin builders I have been silent so far but look at this site almost daily. Going to start posting my progress. I have a 09 turbo. I picked up the chassis and donor at the same time first part of April. Bought the donor at IAAI in Dallas. Paid approx. $3k with fees, it has approx. 57k miles. It was hit in the front but not too much damage.
Got all the stages. Now waiting for my powder coating guy to have time to take mine in. Hopefully looking at a early summer completion date.