DF Goblin
Build Videos

Donor Stripping

Wiring Harness

Stage 1 Assembly

Stage 2 Assembly

The rest of the Stage 2 videos are currently unavailable. Filming new videos in 2019.

Coming Soon

Stage 3 Assembly

Currently unavailable. Filming new videos in 2019.

Where are the rest of the videos?

We shot footage in early 2017 to produce videos of the entire build process. Producing the videos took far longer than we expected and by the time we got to Stage 2, our kits were beginning to deviate from the footage we originally recorded.

Because of this, we plan to make all new videos in 2019. In order to not get too far behind this time, the videos will be released as shorter segments that are far easier to edit together.

If you'd like to be alerted the minute we start uploading new videos, follow us on YouTube: DF Kit Car YouTube Channel and be sure to click the bell icon to be notified.