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Prefer an all terrain Goblin?

Step 1 - Pick the donor you'll be using
Step 2 - Configure your chassis
Step 3 - Choose your optional equipment
Step 4 - How would you like to pay?
Select the chassis type, length and door-bar style to fit you.

Chassis Type

The city frame is great for cruising. The track frame has a full cage for wheel to wheel racing.

Chassis Length

The standard chassis is for people up to 6'2" tall. The extended frame is 4 inches longer and 2 inches taller.

Door‑bar Style

The standard door bars provide better side protection. The easy-entry door bars make climbing in and out of the car easier.

Click the options that you want with your kit.

Order and Pay in Stages

Initial Deposit


Confirms your place in line.

Due immediately.

Stage 1 Payment


Includes everything to get your engine installed and running.

Due 10 days before Stage 1 ship date.

Estimated ship date: 6-8 weeks

Stage 2 Payment


Includes everything to get your car driving.

Due 10 days before Stage 2ship date.

Estimated ship date: 2-4 weeks after Stage 1.

Stage 3 Payment


Includes body panels and options.

Due 10 days before Stage 3 ship date.

Estimated ship date: 2-4 weeks after Stage 2.

Order and Pay All Together

Initial Deposit


Confirms your place in line.

Due immediately.

Final Payment


Due 10 days before ship date.

Estimated ship date: 10 weeks

Base Price
Donor Selection
Automatic Base/Sport
Chassis Selection
City chassis
Standard length
Full door-bars
Optional Equipment
No options selected
Thermoformed Hood
Side panels
Thermoformed Engine Cover
Fenders and mounts
Polycarbonate Windscreen
Dominator Headlights
Side Mirrors
LED Taillights
License Plate Mount
FX1 Pro Seat Package
CF Rear Wing

Important Information

Donor Car

You have to obtain a Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac G5 to assemble your Goblin. You will strip the powertrain, subframe, suspension, brakes, electrical system and more from the donor vehicle.

The Cobalt and G5 are the only compatible donors!

If you want help finding a donor, just shoot us an email: [email protected]

For more information about choosing a donor, check out Choosing a Donor.


Registration varies by state. Check with your state to make sure you can register the Goblin for street use.

DF Kit Car will provide you with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin that matches the serial number plate attached to your chassis. You will use this document along with receipts for your donor equipment and other parts to prove ownership when registering the car.

Kit Delivery

Estimated ship date can be changed due to demand and variable production times.

The kit can be picked up in person at our shop in Red Oak, TX. Kits picked up in person can be powder coated beforehand. Please contact us after ordering for powder coating information.

If you are unable to pick up the kit in person, it can be shipped by freight. To ship by freight, a $400 crating fee will be charged in addition to the actual freight cost. Kits shipped by freight will not be powder coated before shipping.