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    Oil cooler replacement.

    I ordered an oil cooler adapter, and I'm going to do an external oil cooler. I already have the cooler fittings hoses and everything needed. Can I swap the one hose for the coolant tank which comes out of the water manifold upward to one of the old oil cooler coolant lines for easier plumbing...
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    Delete this, somehow posted in the wrong section
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    Bar to stiffen up the wing?

    What did everyone do to accomplish this? Just flatten the end of some round stock? Or is there hardware u can buy to make it easy?
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    No crank, need help.

    Hey guys, finally finished the goblin but having an issue with no cranking. What I know: Grounds are good, I checked resistance to all grounds and ground points I could get to easily from the battery, Every thing read 1.5 or under. Starter with jumped terminals spins. Fuses are good, relays...
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    Dominator headlights

    Anyone know what the wires coming out of the headlights all are? Theres white yellow black. And a tan wire all on its own. I know what the wires are on the harness side, but dunno what the wires are on the lights themselves, it didn't come with any paperwork inside the box at all.
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    Missing hardware from kit

    I have a few emails into Adam with no reply so far, so I figured I'd ask. What hardware is required to mount the brakes? I'm missing the spacers for the front and any and all bolts to mount the brakes front and back. Looks like m12x1.75? For bolt and pitch. What size spacer is needed is it...
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    Quick check, wheel size?

    Looking at xxr 530s in 16" with 8.25" wide rims. My Kit I have coming has the stock shocks in the back, wondering if this will fit with a +40 offset? I really dig the concave look of the higher positive offset just wanna make sure it'll fit, I seen a few +25 to +35s in the wheel and tire...
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    few extra wires after going through the wiring videos!? anyone have any ideas.

    Hey guys, i kinda got my harness temp wrapped, im going to rewrap it better after i figure out these few wires for sure. i followed the videos as well as i could, a few connectors were a little different. and i somehow lost a brake plug? i had no wires, OR a plug in my entire pile i cut that...
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    Wheel bearing hub part number?

    Im going to get 4 new hubs for my kit, because my donors hubs were absolutely terrible, but I cannot find the exact part numbers I need. My donor was a 2006 cobalt ss/sc 5 speed. I found a pair of front hubs on marketplace locally for super cheap part number fw299, how do I know if they are...
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    Quick question.

    If I'm going to just buy new bearing hubs because the ones on my donor were very rough, and I get the optional rear coilover addition to the kit, I don't need anything from the rear suspension correct? And all I need from the front is the control arms? Just wanna make sure I'll be junking the...