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  1. Tim Moland


    What are the side view mirrors based on? I came out to a cracked driver's side mirror. I wonder if I can order just the glass. I custom wired the DF ones to green led's and don't really want to do all that work again.
  2. Tim Moland

    Heat exchanger fan wiring

    Wiring is definitely not my strong suite. I'm trying to wire up a heat exchanger fan for key on operation. Lonny has laid out where to tap into the bcm plug to get power. It is 2 wires that get wired into one. But one of the wires in the terminal in my BCM plug appears to be used on something...
  3. Tim Moland

    High IAT2 temps and KR

    Hello fellow turbo cars.... I have a lnf turbo with an upgraded Z54 turbo installed. The car makes great power, and it's pretty fast. However, I am suffering from high IAT2 temps and Knock Retard. My tuner has said he thinks the high IAT2 temps is the cause of the knock, which in turn...
  4. Tim Moland

    Double flare or single flare brake lines

    I'm doing some brake work which will require me to make some custom brake lines. I'm going to be installing line lock on the front brakes. Do I need to make single flare, double flare, or bubble flares on my lines. What size are the lines?(I'm guessing it's measured by the O. D.) Are the DF...
  5. Tim Moland

    Head light connectors melting

    I noticed that my drivers side headlight was not working. I figured the bulb burned out, so I ordered some high powered led replacement bulbs, cause let's face it, the stock ones are pretty dim. After removing the old headlight, I found that the headlight connector was melted and smelled...
  6. Tim Moland

    New videos

    14 new videos just dropped on YouTube under doylefab. Mostly wiring. I like what DF is doing.
  7. Tim Moland

    Front coilover bolt torque specs

    I have a squeek that has developed in my front suspension. I have disassembled the entire suspension and lubed every Heim joint with dry teflon lube. No help. I think the squeek is coming from the lower coilover bolt itself. So in the processes of re-torquing the bolt, I noticed in the build...
  8. Tim Moland

    Cobalt race car

    So I went to a local no prep race tonight (no I didn't take the goblin) and ran across this beautiful race car. Think of all the race cars that could be made with our stripped shells going to the crusher!
  9. Tim Moland

    Footwell Cover

    There is not a lot of information on the footwell cover. So here it goes!! First off all, what is a footwell cover, and what does it do? Here it is... This cover fits on the underside of the hood to block off hot air coming from the radiator. It's a clam shell that meets up with the front...
  10. Tim Moland

    Spanner wrenches for front suspension

    I received Spanner wrenches for the rear BC racing coil overs. Was I supposed to receive wrenches for the front QA1 coil overs? Started to adjust suspension last night and found the rear wrenches do not fit the front.
  11. Tim Moland

    Mechanical boost gauge hook up

    My car came with the RPD boost gauge. I was not a fan, so I am going with a mechanical style gauge. Does anyone know which vacuum hose to hook up the boost line to? The lnf has many hoses on it. Lol
  12. Tim Moland

    Exhaust gasket

    Is there a gasket that goes between the turbo header and the DF exhaust, or does it just butt up against it?
  13. Tim Moland

    Heat exchanger fittings

    Do the heat exchange elbow fittings require pipe tape/dope on them before installation to prevent leaking?
  14. Tim Moland

    Tim's Extended Track Lower Entry - 10 SS/Tc *REGISTERED*

    Hello all. I am in Wichita, KS, and I have been planning on building a goblin for several years now. Purchased a 2010 SS/TC Cobalt ~1 1/2 years ago as my daily driver with the thought of using it as my donor. Long story short, I ordered my frame six weeks ago, drove my pristine cobalt into the...
  15. Tim Moland

    Who's car is this?

    I searched every build log, and I must have missed it. I'm interested in the width of the wheels on this thing.
  16. Tim Moland

    Possible donor car

    Found this on my local Facebook marketplace. Wichita, KS area. 2006 2.4 SS 75,000mi. Wrecked in the rear tire area. $1000 obo. I have my donor already. Have at it!
  17. Tim Moland

    Any big guys out there?

    First post, so here is a little background. I fell in love with the goblin a couple years ago while looking for a "cheap" version of an ariel atom. When the situation arose to get another vehicle, I bought a cobalt to use as a daily driver, with hopes of using it as a donor for this project. I...