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    Not for sale anymore.

    This morning, I found out there's no way to make a Goblin legal in WI. I'm still debating going Montana route, but I'd be near the end of Goblin season and I'm feeling like moving on. I'm sure Wisconsin would find a way to get it off the road no matter what. Donor was an 09 Pontiac G5 with the...
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    Front shocks for sale

    I have a set of front shocks that I used for about 500 miles. No problems at all, I swapped for longer ones. Includes all parts, but no springs. One shock has a nick at the bottom. It came from QA1 like that and doesn't affect anything. Ships packaged as shown. Looking for $120 shipped.
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    Higher ride height

    Has anyone gotten longer front shocks to gain some ride height? It looks like QA1 PN: DS403 is an inch longer. I'm nearly all the way up on my current ones; only have about 1/2" extend travel when sitting on flat level surface. The roads around here are pretty trashed. My wife scraped a bit...
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    Is this where this goes?

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    Need fuel pump pigtail PN

    Hey everyone, I have a 2009 LAP engine with CARB emissions, so I was not able to reuse my fuel pump. I got this fuel pump. I am now in need of the correct pigtail connector. I've tried two different ones. A cheap Ebay one and a Dorman PN: 645925 Let me know if anyone has the correct one! Thanks!
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    Smog/ air injection pump

    Not coming up with much while searching. It would appear that the smog/air pump indicates my G5 is a California car. Is that correct?
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    *TITLE REVOKED* Dsteinhorst's WI city build 09 base model #182

    Hello, everyone. Just want to introduce myself. I just put in my order, chassis #182. I've been following the Goblin for about 18 months and finally pulled the trigger. What sparked my interest was the Caterham Super Seven. After research, the Goblin seemed like the most attainable kit car...