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  1. Jareth

    Last minute frame decision - need quick replies

    So I got the email to confirm my frame selection before it is started in two weeks or so. I’m second guess my choice of: Full Cage with modified double door? I’m not as flexible as I was when I was younger and worried that full cage may make it harder to climb into, or does it allow you grab...
  2. Jareth

    Fenders or Not

    So my frame is due to be started in a few weeks so I want to finalize my order? Initially my order included the 205 fenders but I had them remove them from my kit after I decided on getting some 215x45x17’s Now I’m wondering if I should get smaller tires and re-add the fenders? Seems like most...
  3. Jareth

    Spreading The Knowledge

    Doing my part of spreading the knowledge of DF-Goblin, first at The Daytona Turkey Rod Run and later that day at Daytona Beach :)
  4. Jareth

    Daytona Spring Rod Run

    It’s 5AM and about to head out the door to head up to the Daytona Spring Turkey Rod Run. I don’t anticipate seeing any Goblins but I will be looking. .
  5. Jareth

    Engine Cover

    Was watching a video on YouTube and the guy was stating that the following is the mounting of the coolant overflow? Seems like this would interfere with the engine cover??? Just seems sorta high?
  6. Jareth

    3D Printer

    With my 30 year career with Creo and SolidWorks some might have thought I might have already had a 3D printer, but it was not until yesterday that I got one :) It’s a Creality Ender 3 V2, it only has a “220 X 220 X 250“ print area so if I want to make some of the larger parts I will need to...
  7. Jareth

    Frame Length

    I'm cosidering using Steel-IT to paint my frame? What is the length of the frame if I were looking to make a cheep spray booth
  8. Jareth

    T-Shirts to purchase

    I saw DF T-Shirts for sale on eBay, I would rather see my money go to the source, is there someplace on the DF web page to order a couple? .
  9. Jareth

    Is this book available? Wheel & Tire Decisions For Dummies

    For the life of me I can not figure out any of the ways to determine Wheel & Tire fitment on the Goblin :( Only thing I know is that I really like these wheels but I’m afraid to buy them, will they fit, will the tires rub when turned to the limits? I don’t see this size listed in the thread...
  10. Jareth

    Custom Plate

    I assume that once you have a frame number it’s not to early to start thinking about what you might pick for a custom plate? The plate I want will only accommodate 5 characters and so far most that I’ve come up with have already been take. At the moment it is either GB290 or DF290...
  11. Jareth

    Seats that can be exposed to rain

    Is anyone else aware of seats with that can be purchased with Neoprene material? I found these but not sure I love them?
  12. Jareth

    5x114.3 Bearing Hubs option

    May I confirm that the “5x114.3 Bearing Hubs” option will completely replace my donors 4 lug hubs? The 4 lug wheel options seem pretty limited, so I assume that is the main reason to switch. .
  13. Jareth

    DF Goblin Video Transcripts

    The waiting for the delivery of my kit has left me with only research and planning to occupy my time, so. Below is a link to a PDF that I have started that when printed can be used to put check marks in the [ ] box to insure that I don't miss any steps from the DF Goblin Build Videos. I tried...
  14. Jareth

    Part 20 - 4" or 4 1/2"

    May I confirm which is correct? In Build Guide 20 - Powertrain and Fuse Box, at the 7:56 mark the audio indicates to cut the hose at 4 1/2-inches but the text on the screen says to cut it at 4-inches? Probably either is fine but just want to check what the intended length is?
  15. Jareth

    Clips on Windshield

    Curious, what could the purpose of the clips on the windshield be for?
  16. Jareth

    Build videos only go so far

    Are we left to figure out the rest, videos seem to only go so far. Don’t get me wrong because I can appreciate the effort and time that went into making them. example: how will I know what is installed on this panel?
  17. Jareth

    Automatic Transmission Shifter photo

    Can someone show me what the stock automatic transmission shifter looks like when installation is completed? .
  18. Jareth

    Tire Size Comparison Calculator

    I have seen others post a calculator for wheels but I don't know if I have seen one for tires? Here is one I found, I apologize if it has been posted before. Tire Size Comparison Visualizer
  19. Jareth

    Jareth’s [Extended\Full-Cage\Double Door Bars] - [2010 LS Donor] - [Frame #290]

    So the journey begins :) It doesn't matter type of project, I'm not one that can be without a project regardless of the type. I have built a Motorcycle from a kit, 120 Gallon Saltwater Reef Tank, 30'x10' Chicken Coop, and most recently just finished a 68 Camaro LS3 Engine Swap. With all that...
  20. Jareth

    Holley Digital Dash

    Wanted to share something that I plan to use during my build or upgrade to after. It’s a Holley Digital Dash, I installed one on my Camaro during the LS3 swap and really like it. It is completely customizable, displaying any type of gauge you want to monitor. So a question I have is what is the...