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    TVS SS/SC Donor in VA

    Called IAAI and they said there's no telling when they'll get the title and put the car up for auction. If I were more patient I would've waited but I found a local deal on a G85 SS/SC. Might require a login to view.
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    Rauq's Extended/Street in SC - SS/SC #240

    Just got confirmation I'm locked in for #240! Still searching for a donor but I'm set on an SS/SC build. If anyone's got a good lead on a donor in the southeast, feel free to send it my way. No concrete plans for the build, just looking for something fun for mountain bombing, autocross, and...
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    Panoz DeltaWing

    I was discussing kit cars with a friend recently and they made a comment about the Goblin's rear suspension. I replied that there are a few OEM cars that were designed generally by moving a front-engine vehicle's powertrain and suspension to the rear of a car (Fiero, an odd Fiat, and I want to...