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  1. Goblin Graber

    Welder purchase

    Nothing wrong with a HF welder...just don’t get that one. Step up to a Titanium or a Vulcan with shielding gas. I have an Omnipro 220 and it’s nicer than any other MIG welder I’ve owned. Just dial in a material thickness abs go to town.
  2. Goblin Graber

    New seat mount option from DF

    They’re on their way
  3. Goblin Graber

    The Goliath

    Man that Ultima kit bike sure takes me back. Big inch fat tire EVOs were all the rage back then.
  4. Goblin Graber

    HP Tuners MPVI2 Stand Alone Data Logging Available Now

    Here’s a video on how to reuse a current sensor for wideband like Ross is talking about. This is what I’m going to do.
  5. Goblin Graber

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    It almost perfectly fits a 20 oz Yeti cup. I didn’t measure it but if the top was flared out a few more mm it would fit perfect. Thanks for the tips West. I am a complete noob when it comes to 3D printing so the advice is appreciated. I’ll setup a thick wall profile and try it again sometime...
  6. Goblin Graber

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    The Mayor’s new cup holder printed out great. For you total noobs out there like myself it printed fine with no supports. I went 20% infill with normal PLA and it’s got a little flex. I’ll print another one a little more solid. Here’s some pics
  7. Goblin Graber

    AZMoto #245 ext-track - 09 SS TC

    Hurry up and paint that thing before it starts oxidizing!
  8. Goblin Graber

    How did you hear or learn about the Goblin

    I was going to buy a FFR 818 and then the goblin started popping up on searches.
  9. Goblin Graber

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    I’m melting up one of your cup holders right now. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
  10. Goblin Graber

    Full cage or open cage

    I like my open frame, but the bikini tops the guys have on the track frames make me jealous. I am glad I switched from easy entry that I originally ordered to a standard.
  11. Goblin Graber

    Making HP. LNF, LSJ, LE5, LAP vs L61

    You have to throw the LE5 in the mix. Other than the tune it’s a direct replacement for the LAP and the L61 only needs to add the cam sensors to the harness or get an LAP or LE5 harness. All three share the same ECM. When I grenade my L61 it’ll get swapped for an LE5. They are dirt cheap in...
  12. Goblin Graber

    Wiring rear lights

    These should help
  13. Goblin Graber

    SmsDetroit Extended Track Goblin 09 Turbo SS

    Do we get to do donuts in the hellcat first?
  14. Goblin Graber

    Williamj95 Build

    Were the front hubs any good that you took out? If they weren’t any good the backs probably won’t be either. Don’t waste your time tearing the back axle apart. Besides the hubs you just need 8-m10x1.5 flange nuts that bolt the hubs to the spindles. I just bought new ones and left the rear put...
  15. Goblin Graber

    My current choices Auto or Manual

    That sure is a nice donor! It almost takes the fun out of stripping it. Ripping and tearing at the interior with zero regard to breaking plastic clips was fun. I would think all that is sellable to someone.
  16. Goblin Graber

    Routing for auto shifter cable

    Check these pics out.
  17. Goblin Graber

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    Thanks for the suggestions. I just got my Ender 3 pro last night and I’ve been running it nonstop with the regular PLA I bought for it. My two year old just thinks that the blue cat and dog I printed for him are the greatest things ever! Thank you guys all for posting your stuff and convincing...
  18. Goblin Graber

    My current choices Auto or Manual

    ZZP has a full assortment of short and long blocks. The engine most people buy is from ATK. For a tranny call DF. They might still have a bunch of new ones.
  19. Goblin Graber

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    What kind of filament are you guys printing your parts with?
  20. Goblin Graber

    Missing hardware from kit

    I always have way better luck finding the fasteners I need at ACE hardware than at Home Depot. My stores even let you get grade 8 sae or 10.9 metric for $2.99/lb instead of paying the crazy per piece prices.