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  1. Lonny

    DF Steering Wheel Kit

    We received our new racing D-shaped steering wheel kits. They are 6-bolt - black suede. They still need to be priced out but I thought I would share some images. The kit comes with the steering wheel, quick disconnect, 6 bolt anodized spline adaptor, and hardware. Store links: Steering Wheel...
  2. Lonny

    LSJ Block or Complete LSJ Engine Needed

    One of our employees, Carlos bought an SS/SC Cobalt that had a rod out and has a bad cylinder. If anyone has a block or complete engine that they need to get rid of he could use one. This is not for his daily driver, he is scavenging parts from us that are too dinged up to send to our customers...
  3. Lonny

    Custom Shifter Rod Ends

    Adam had some custom rod ends made to fit the left side of the stock shifter for those of you that don't want to use or don't have the original plastic shifter cable ends. We will be selling these rod ends as a kit that will replace both plastic ends. The kit will have: (1) 6mm LH rod end...
  4. Lonny

    Machining for NASA

    Around the end of July of this year, our machine shop had the opportunity to machine four window frame assemblies that were installed into a Gulfstream III aircraft to acquire important data and flight imagery of the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft capsule's return to earth. Finished machining side one...
  5. Lonny

    [Poll] Your Goblin Build Progress

    Let us know the progress of your Goblin build. Select all of the options that apply to you. Be sure to come back to update your progress!
  6. Lonny

    Manual shifter installation and adjustment

    Step one Install your tunnel cover. Step two Install your shifter cable bracket Step three Identify one of the cables on both ends with a sharpie mark or piece of tape. Route your two shifter cables along the tunnel and through the opening in the firewall. The cables need to be positioned...
  7. Lonny

    Zero mile F35s with Quaife LSD upgrade

    Adam ordered a batch of Quaife limited slip diffs to put in some of our zero mile F35s and to upgrade our customers F35s. We received our first victim last weekend, so I grabbed one of ours to do a test run. Now that I'm done with that one I'm going to do his and three more of ours at the same...
  8. Lonny

    Zero Mile SAAB F35 Transmissions Available -$650

    Zero mile F35 Transmissions New replacement for a used SS/SC or SS/TC manual transmission 4.05 final drive We now have some brand new, zero mile SAAB F35 transmissions. $650 without a limited slip differential Add $400 labor to have a customer supplied limited slip installed Add $1250 for...
  9. Lonny

    MIL control (malfunction indicator lamp)

    When reworking a wiring harness I always extend the brown/white MIL wire that comes from the fuse box and hooks to the gauge cluster. Is this what turns the check engine light on and if so could we save some time extending it and also not have a check engine light displayed? If anyone has...
  10. Lonny

    Georgia Kit Car Meet

    Dale sent this to me. Georgia meetup. Wanted to let you know that the Stalker folks are getting together in Georgia to have some fun discussing cars, technical stuff, eating, fellowship and driving the fantastic roads in the area. As of right now there should be a Stalker V8 (Indiana)...
  11. Lonny

    New tool for pulling hoses through frame rails.

    This gets attached to a 2x4 that attaches to the frame. You will use a drill to turn it. We have tested it a few times using our Ryobi cordless drill. It easily pulls the hoses through. Our customers will have to supply the drill and 2x4 and drill two holes through the 2x4. It uses one of the...
  12. Lonny


    I received the following message from BAR-AIR alerting me that there is a problem with communication between us and our customers. Lonny, I have no reason to get into a pissing match with you on the forum. But a lot of this is B.S.. My kit was from the very first batch of kits realistically...
  13. Lonny

    Late model steering wheel control wiring

    Steering wheel control wiring. Ignition voltage Pink BCM - X4 - pin F9 Cruise control Gray BCM - X2 - pin 61 Info and Return Dark green/white Instrument cluster plug - pin 5 Horn Tan BCM - X1 - pin 60 Ground On the BCM near each plug you will find J1 - J4 molded into the BCM housing. I...
  14. Lonny

    Carbon fiber wing installation

  15. Lonny

    Turbo fuel pump orientation

    Using pliers you can twist and pull the two steel rods out of the top. Turn the top 180 degrees and reinstall the rods.
  16. Lonny

    Button Panel Resistors

    For the builders that are doing their own button panels we can send you a set of resistors with the proper values. $10 plus shipping The 715 ohm and one of the 1270 ohm resistors is not used if you have the early model donors with the info and return buttons located on the dash. You will need...
  17. Lonny

    Intercooler pump wiring

    Locate pin B2 in the gray fuse block plug. It will have a short pink wire attached. Attach a six foot length of wire to this pin. The other end will go to your Bosch water pump.
  18. Lonny

    Heat exchanger fan wiring

    Before thinning you body harness locate pin D7 on the big red BCM plug. There should be two pink wires coming from it. One of the wires goes to the passenger seat plug. The other goes to the inflatable restraint module plug. Cut these two wires about an inch from the big red plug and solder on...
  19. Lonny

    Heat Exchanger Air Duct

    We have put together a fresh air ducting system that gathers fresh air at the nose of the Goblin and cleanly directs the air across the heat exchanger. It uses two NACA ducts, one on either side, as far forward as possible where the air is undisturbed. After collecting the air it directs it...