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    Clutch Bleeding Problems

    I worked on bleeding my brakes and clutch this weekend. I have one of the Motive Products pressure bleeders and the brakes went good, just a few minutes to do. The clutch however didn't do anything. This is on a combined reservoir and I checked that I was getting fluid to the master cylinder at...
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    ATK Long Block MAP sensor

    For those that purchased the the ATK LNF/LDK/LHU long block, has anyone gotten to the point that they have wired in the MAP sensor that comes on the intake with that block? Its part # 12612110 which seems to be a 4 bar map sensor from a Buick Regal Turbo and has a different wiring connector, has...
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    Heat Exchanger Fan or Duct

    Is there any consensus on which will provide lower iat2 temps for general usage (mix of tight backroads and in town driving but track driving not likely) for turbo? I'm working on finalizing my order prior to shipment. If the ducts can provide even slightly lower temps under "normal" usage, $225...
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    Low Speed GMLAN

    I came across a post yesterday that has me questioning some of what I did on thinning my body harness (donor 2009 TC) this last weekend. I cut out and de-pinned a green low speed GMLAN connection from the body control connector. I think this was likely one of the wires that connected into the...