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  1. Goblin Graber

    Adding coolant temp and oil pressure gauge

    I’m working on an L61 and looking for good places to add senders for an oil pressure gauge and a coolant temp gauge. CBM sells a 12mm oil pressure adapter and gives you this picture. Anyone care to tell me where this spot is? I can’t seem to find it. For the coolant temp I was thinking of...
  2. Goblin Graber

    Automatic trans tuning

    Anyone with an automatic care to share an HP Tuners file with hopped up transmission settings to give me a good place to start? I know ZZP charges an extra $50 for an automatic, so I’d be willing to kick someone $50 for their settings.
  3. Goblin Graber

    New seat mount option from DF

    Got these with my kit and figured I would share. DF now makes seat brackets to mount the seat forward in an extended frame to give you a bunch of room behind the seats. Edit: I have a standard frame, so these are the wrong ones for me. That’s why the seat is so close to the front.
  4. Goblin Graber

    Engine cover dimensions

    Can anyone tell me how tall the engine cover is from the bottom to the top of one of the humps? I have a wild idea and need to know if I should have Adam throw one on my pallet or make my own.
  5. Goblin Graber

    Black Friday Deals

    Let’s post up the good deals you’re taking advantage of the next few days. Glowshift Gauges is having a sale. $25 off $150 code BF25 $50 off $250 code BF50 I ordered a boost gauge, wideband, and the gps speedo adapter to save $50. I’ll order the six gauge dash set tomorrow and save another...
  6. Goblin Graber

    Front Plate

    I’m in Montana and unfortunately I have to run a front plate on my Goblin. I definitely don’t want to put a bumper on the front. What options do I have besides just clamping it to an A arm and having it look like an afterthought?
  7. Goblin Graber

    Let’s do something in my neck of the woods

    Anyone have any interest in getting together next spring or summer in Montana? I live in Billings and would be more than happy to host. My full garage and tools would be available to anyone whether your Goblin just needs an oil change or you want plasma cut out your latest idea. 45 minutes...
  8. Goblin Graber

    ISO Blue BCM connector cover

    I stepped on one of my blue BCM connector covers and shattered it into a million pieces. Anyone got one laying around I can buy?
  9. Goblin Graber

    Coolant expansion tank

    Anyone run an aftermarket coolant expansion tank? I’m going to run two tanks. One for the coolant and the other for the heat exchanger. I think two stock ones will just look tacky.
  10. Goblin Graber

    Zip ties and Coated Clamps

    My chassis will hopefully ship out this week. Snow is setting in pretty good already so I’m going to do a little welding on the chassis before I send it off to get powder coated. Let’s see some pics of any places you have clamps or zip ties on your frame. I plan on adding some trick tabs and...
  11. Goblin Graber

    Keeping factory remote start

    Has anyone with factory remote start kept that functioning? I still have the key fob/TPMS module, so I think it’s doable. The one thing I know for a fact is it needs a hood closed signal to work. There is no reference voltage at the connector...just ground, hood closed, and hood ajar. Is the BCM...
  12. Goblin Graber

    Zack Graber’s City frame #239 - 08 2.2 supercharged auto

    Hi everyone. My name is Zack Graber and I’m in Billings Montana. I was looking for a new project to build with my two year old son who is now obsessed with the garage. The Jeep I was building was way to much fab work that he couldn’t be around. I almost pulled the trigger on an 818 from...
  13. Goblin Graber

    What are these wires for?

    I’m getting close to having my harness finished up but I need to know what these wires are for? The purple was supposed to be extended from the fog lights I don’t have. The red with white stripe was supposed to be coming out of the amplifier connector that I don’t have either. I appreciate...
  14. Goblin Graber

    Harness question

    I’m at the end of part 5 of the wire harness videos. Working on an 08 automatic has definitely been a little different. Pulling out the cut and labeled wires the green and white wire coming from B10 goes to another connector. I think it’s the connector to the automatic shifter. Is this correct...