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    Ark's City Goblin #187 (2008 SS/TC donor)

    Folks say these car handle like they're on rails, but your build thread has been the real rollercoaster. Congratulations!
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    Proportioning Valve??

    That's probably the ABS module?
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    Ross's extended city, easy entry Goblin- 06 SS/SC, NW Arkansas

    Not to change the topic, but did anything else ever come of your snapped steering arm? Was it concluded that your A/T impersonation caused that issue? I feel like I read about a consideration that all the new kits get the A/T solid design as opposed to the scalloped/lightweight original version...
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    Navigating the Forum

    In my opinion it's a combo of having read everything and being willing to open all the search results for a given search. I know it looks funny when folks look over my shoulder at my browser but if I'm really trying to find something that I know I've seen before I'll have like 20 tabs open. I...
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    TravMac's Extended Track Goblin (#253) - 2007 SS/SC Doner

    My master cylinder piston was purple as well, I suspect it's similar to the information linked below. Basically, the part has to be anodized, so why not anodize it in a color, particularly when the color indicates that the part has been anodized versus a non-colored application where it's not...
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    Tires and Wheels List Updated on 3/25/2020

    Goblin Builder: Rauq Chassis Number: 240 Frame Type / Color: city/gray Donor Year / Engine: ‘06 2.0L supercharged Wheel Make / Model: Motegi MR147 Front Wheel - Size / Offset / Bolt Pattern: 17x8 5-110 Rear Wheel - Size / Offset / Bolt Pattern: 17x8 5-110 Wheel Weight in lbs.: 18.6 Tire Make /...
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    Jareth’s [Extended\Full-Cage\Double Door Bars] - [2010 LS Donor] - [Frame #290]

    Saw your post in the Spring Rod Run thread, looks like your fully stripped donor still has the auto trans shift cable and the parking brake + guide tubes. I'm not 100% sure you need either of them because my build is different than yours, just wanted to make sure you don't miss anything.
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    Builder #285 - Hello!

    LED Halo gang?
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    Builder #285 - Hello!

    SS/SC gang!
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    eBay turbo

    At a minimum you'll also need fuel injectors. That kit looks at least as solid in the single picture they provide as any other eBay kit I've seen, although the lack of additional pictures is a little concerning. The wastegate housing looks interesting, I can't see how it dumps anywhere except to...
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    Builder #285 - Hello!

    SC gang!
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    Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4sc street goblin build

    Where are you getting your powdercoating done? And I overlooked this earlier but now I'm curious, did you find someone that had put a supercharger on an SS/NA or did they swap a 2.4 block into an SS/SC?
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    DF braided brake line retainers

    Brake Line Clamp Not sure if @Mayor West realized what he was signing up for by creating an STL repository but I'm not sure my contribution was archived there. My STL is sized for the braided line and I think Mr. Mayor remixed it for a larger small end ID for the original Cobalt brake lines.
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    Potential donor

    I would say if there's any rust concerns then some folks have had issues dropping the subframe. If the captive nuts for the rear subframe mounts break free, then you would have to cut a hole in the floor to loosen them, but that's not a huge deal on a shell you're scrapping. Other than that...
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    Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4sc street goblin build

    Welcome! What kind of stuff are you interested in doing with the car? Autocross, track, mountain runs, etc. I used to hit Caesar's Head into Brevard in my S2k that I sold to fund the Goblin. I saw your post on my build thread, I'll PM you.
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    Chris’s 2007 SS/SC track frame build for autocross

    Got a link to this part? It would've been pretty clutch (get it?) before I installed the trans and bled the slave but for the right price I might go ahead and throw it in the car anyway. I remember putting my engine/trans back together and thinking there was no way I'd put the clutch hydraulics...
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    Rauq's Extended/Street in SC - SS/SC #240

    Sent on the book of faces because .f3d ain't allowed in these parts, dunno how that filetype will work for you. The whole model should be set up so you can just change the small size ID and it just works but don't @ me if the model implodes and you hear sirens in the distance. I'm willing to...
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    Mayor West's 09 SS/TC Ext. Track Turbo #191 [South Carolina] [Registered]

    Once you take the tunnel cap off, can you insert the bolt from the bottom side and cinch it down with a nut on the top side? Essentially replacing the spacer height with a nut and turning the bolt into a captive one. Might want to test it out before you install the tunnel cap to make sure that...
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    Coolant Level Wiring (solved)

    While attempting to clean out my reservoir before installing it, I distinctly remember filling it up and shaking it and repeating and after the second or third round hearing a clunk that I hadn't heard before. I'm pretty sure my lil floaty guy that trips the switch on the inside of the tank was...