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    F23 shifter bracket

    Can someone tell me if the bracket is correct?
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    Clutch pipe

    I broke what looks like the bleeder part of my clutch pipe. The pipe that runs in between the master and slave. In the pic below it is part # 4. What is needed to complete the kit from DF. What parts do I need to replace. TY!
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    Need to order some hardware. For those that used Rivnuts for the floor pans, side panels and tunnel. What size did you guys use? Thinking M4 or M5.
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    Full cage or open cage

    Just found out my frame is almost getting to the jig and it is time to finalize things. If you could redo it or had a choice now... what would you choose? I selected open cage but not sure.
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    Connector help

    Anyone have any idea what these are for? The label on dash side days keylock actuator The other connector has one wire labeled the same on the body harness
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    High speed GMLAn

    on my X101 Body Harness to Engine Harness, I cut out the high speed GMLAN serial data wires during the main harness thinning videos. Is this correct or do we need them? It is the purple 14 pin connector.
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    engine stand and bolts

    Does anyone have the bolt size for an LAP motor and f23 transmission to mount to an engine stand? Also where do you guys get your torque specs and sequences from? Online manual or similar? And lastly... where do I find misc bolts... I'm looking for exhaust and intake manifold bolts atm and...
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    Clutch suggestions

    Need to replace the clutch on my 2010 LS. Not sure if I need a flywheel or not but would take any suggestions. I might at some point put a super charger on it. what do you guys recommend? Q
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    Lokian's Extended Street Gob in Indiana - 10 LS # 251

    Hi all. The bug has been inside me for years. I saw recent youtube videos on goblins after looking at other kits and fell in love with the look. I have been looking at a "project" for a while now and was going to wait a few as i'm looking at building a barn first. Welp... found a donor for...