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  1. Adam

    Potential to be the most expensive donor ever?

    Imagine using this pristine Cobalt as a donor. Act fast because the auction ends next week: (I don't recommend spending this much on a donor)
  2. Adam

    Price Announcement

    Our goal has always been to make an easy to assemble, affordable kit car. Over the years we've been able to make the kits easier to assemble but to keep up with the rising costs of materials, parts and services, the kits will unfortunately be a little less affordable soon. We will be adjusting...
  3. Adam

    Helpful Photo Albums

    Here are some random helpful photo albums. I've ordered them by location on a Goblin, from the front to the rear. Heat Exchanger Front Suspension Rod End Mounts (steel version) Front Bearing Hub Inner Cap Installation Brake Reservoir Relocation Late Model Windscreen Steering Column...
  4. Adam

    Coronavirus and DF Kit Car

    Hey guys, Everything at the shop is business as usual at the moment. If you've been to the shop you know we are off the beaten path so social distancing is not a problem for us. Dallas County will be under a shelter in place order starting tonight at midnight. We are in Ellis County (Dallas...
  5. Adam

    Wiring Harness Part 1 - Stripping the Main Harness

    We're finally rolling out new videos starting with the new wiring harness guide. The first video shows a little prep work and then dives into removing the plastic clips, tape and loom from the main harness.
  6. Adam

    DF Kit Car Online Store Progress

    Over the past week and a half I've been able to spend a few hours each night working on the online store so it is finally showing some progress. Since there have been some questions about it, I figured I would share the details about how I'm going about updating the site to include a store. For...
  7. Adam

    New Behind-the-scenes YouTube Channel: DoyleFab

    Check out our new behind-the-scenes YouTube channel: DoyleFab YouTube channel Here's the first video:
  8. Adam

    10/27/18 - DF Kit Car at Cobalt Nation/Ecotec Nation Tail of the Dragon Event

    Wes started a thread about going to the Tail of the Dragon for the Cobalt Nation and Ecotec Nation event this year. I figured I'd start a thread to make it official. We'll be heading that way from Dallas on Thursday 10/25. We will hit the Tail of the Dragon on Friday and Saturday. The actual...
  9. Adam

    DIY Front End Alignment

    Read the rear end alignment thread first: Here's how we align the front end of our shop cars: Note: these instructions assume that you adjusted your control arm rod ends the way we showed in the instructional...
  10. Adam

    DIY Rear End Alignment

    Here's how we align the rear of our shop cars: The rear camber on the left and right sides should be the same before completing the following steps. We run around 1.5 degrees of negative camber per side at the rear of our cars for street use (at the track you'll want more). We measure camber...
  11. Adam

    Announcement - New forum sections

    First off, we'd like to thank everyone on this forum. We really appreciate all the content you guys add daily and it is so cool seeing everyone working together to answer questions and solve problems. In an effort to make the forum easier to navigate I'm updating the "Technical Discussion"...
  12. Adam

    Announcement - Front brake hose machining and routing

    When we first got the new brake hoses we assumed the "universal" end fittings would be completely universal. Unfortunately, the large foot print of the fitting makes it impossible to position the hose as it was on the Cobalt so it ends up aimed straight back. Some of these hoses got out before...
  13. Adam

    Forum Updated - 4-24-18

    Hey guys, If you've been around here for long you probably just noticed that the forum looks way different. I just upgraded the software from a pretty old version to the newest version and it automatically restyled the forum. Since it was a pretty big upgrade, there might be some things that...
  14. Adam

    Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

    The Problem After being titled and registered for years, the titles for P1 and P2 were revoked by the Texas DMV. Other Goblin, kit car, custom vehicle and buggy owners have received letters explaining that the titles were issued in error and are being revoked. The History When we built our...
  15. Adam

    Solid transmission mounts

    We've got many questions about the solid mounts that we ran on our turbo car and are now running on our SS/SC car. I figured I'd post here to show you what we've developed and will be making available soon. We focused our attention on the SS transmission mounts first. We will eventually make...
  16. Adam

    Bearing Hub Info (4 lug, 5 lug, ABS)

    Base Model The base Cobalt came with two lug patterns: 4 x 100 - fairly common pattern, easy to find 15-16 inch wheels with this pattern 5 x 110 - uncommon pattern Both versions have the smaller Cobalt axle spline so they are interchangeable if you want to change your lug pattern. We...
  17. Adam

    Build Guide Part 24 - Front brakes

    Build Guide Part 24 - Front brakes In Part 24 we clean, paint and install the front brakes.
  18. Adam

    Build Guide Part 23 - Front Suspension

    Build Guide Part 23 - Front Suspension In Part 23 we install the front control arms, coilovers, knuckles and hubs.
  19. Adam

    Zero Mile Getrag F23 Transmissions Available - $450

    Zero mile F23 Transmissions New replacement for a used base manual transmission Good starting point for an automatic to manual conversion Lower final drive for Goblins built with an XFE trans (these are the standard 3.84 final drive vs XFE's 3.63) We got our hands on some brand new, zero mile...
  20. Adam

    Email Issues

    Hey everybody, Over the past couple of weeks I've been back and forth transferring our email service, support system, inventory management and more between online service providers. It appears that I have missed several emails throughout the process. If you emailed me recently and I haven't...