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    Something missing on transmission?

    09 SS/TC F35 trans LNF crate engine Photo is view of intermediate shaft entering transaxle. The flywheel is visible. Should there be a cover? Is there something missing? The aluminum spacer/gasket between engine and trans is installed, but doesn’t cover this.
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    Brake Caliper Assembly

    09 SS/TC, rear parking brake Pics are passenger side, rear brake caliper In the first pic, do I have the washer in the correct place? In the second pic, the caliper isn’t exactly centered with the brake rotor, although there is clearance on both sides. Is it close enough, or should I shim the...
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    Rear Caliper with Parking Brake

    Found this youtube video on the Soltice parking brake supplied for the Goblin. Shows assembly of the caliper, brake pads and parking brake fix.
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    Goblin Rear Hubs ABS

    Is there any modification to the rear hubs for the ABS removal other than simply cutting the wires? 09 SS/TC
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    Northshoresaint's Standard City 09 SS/TC #238

    I've been keeping a log of when I install parts on the chassis. Thought it might be interesting for a build log. Items in bold are donor or new parts. I completely disassembled the donor before purchasing the kit, but did not prep parts until I was ready to install on the chassis. 7/6/20...
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    SS/TC Standard Fuel Line

    What is the DF Goblin standard installation for the fuel line on the ‘09 SS/TC? I have the donor fuel line, which could be twisted and turned to fit, but would put stress on the line and plastic fuel pump connection. Included in the fuel tank hardware kit are 2 fuel quick connects and a short...
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    Battery Current Sensor

    I thought that the ‘09 SS/TC did not have the battery current sensor. But when I went to install the negative battery cable, there was a ground sensor installed on it. When I thinned the harness, I don’t recall having a connector for it. Can I remove it from the negative cable?
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    Body to Dash Connector Body-B5

    09 SS TC #238 Wiring Harness Part 4, Organizing the Wiring Harness. I‘ve labeled the Body to Dash harness wires and run into an issue. One of the wires to be labeled (Body B5, Clutch MU3) has already been cut. Has anyone run into this issue? I haven’t found anything in a forum search. I’ve...
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    Brake line from front tee to MC

    Is this brake line supposed to be included in the kit? I recovered what looks like the correct line from the donor, but the brake line fitting is too small for the MC. 09 SSTC
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    Intermediate Steering Shaft

    Used a come along to free up the intermediate steering shaft. One end tied to jeep hitch, the other end tied to come along. I stretched it as far as I dared, then put heat on it. Popped apart within 3 seconds of applying the heat.
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    Single Handed Heater Hose Pull

    Tied one end of the frame to a tree, rope end of the heater hose to a come-along and Jeep.
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    Received the new engine today