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  1. ccannx

    07 ss/sc camshaft position wires

    I had a pressure plate failure and replaced my clutch, trans, starter and now the car doesn't start as normal. The motor turns over a good 15-20 times before it will fire. Once the car starts it runs well so Im not sure that it may not also be an issue with fuel or a weak starter/wiring. Noticed...
  2. ccannx

    Accusump oil system

    Will be installing an Accusump and looking for tips and advice from those who have installed similar oil assistance systems on their Goblin or other Ecotec based vehicles. The goal is to provide oil to the motor under hard cornering where the oil may be sloshed too far for the pickup to pump...
  3. ccannx

    Rear Fenders and swaybar

    Has anyone mounted the rear DF fenders and a swaybar with the BC coilovers ? I'm looking for some pictures, can't quite figure out how its supposed to work. Looks like they may mount to the swaybar location but what would keep them from rotating ?
  4. ccannx

    Going from LSJ to LNF

    I'm just starting to get the handling sorted out on the car and the next noticeable drawback is power with my LSJ. There are options out there like the TVS 1320 and porting the head, cams $$$$. Getting 350+ from the LSJ will require at least a stage 2 turbo according to ZZP sales convo we had...
  5. ccannx

    Transmission fluid

    Does anyone have a clear answer as to which type of transmission fluid is needed for the f35 with LSD out of an 07 ss cobalt ? I found a tread stating it was gear oil equivelent to a 75-90 weight but when i got a brand new trans and went to fill it up thin red fluid came out that looked to be...
  6. ccannx


    I started off thinking I had 60lb injectors but not really sure what gave me that Idea. The injectors on my donor are black and marked 6073002969 and as much as I can see of the number closest to the top 7961 shows but I cannot find these numbers anywhere associated to injectors. ZZP has an...
  7. ccannx

    Suspension and spring rates

    I'm starting this thread as a place ask questions and share general knowledge about suspension. I have heard a lot of varying information about shock and spring setup and feel almost as if i'm more confused than when I started. I'm currently sitting on 300in/lb 9ht300 springs on all four...
  8. ccannx


    Is there any procedure for diagnosing if your ECM is bad ? Also do the ECM's have to be calibrated to the VIN or VATS ? I have a start but no run condition and I am starting to think somehow my ecm is bad. I cannot read it with HPTuners and their support is suggesting I have it re-flashed...
  9. ccannx

    fuel filter location

    Any ideas on where to mount the fuel filter mount on the ss/sc manual ? I have been following the build videos but they are on an auto and the manual trans in in the way of mounting the filter on the fuse box housing.
  10. ccannx

    Bumpstops for shocks

    I noticed that the videos don't have bump-stops in them and haven't found any in my kit. Has anyone added bump-stops or are they not recommended for some reason I don't know yet ? I ran my MR2 with short bumpstops on koni yellows and they only lasted two events before I blew the shocks. I will...
  11. ccannx

    Chris’s 2007 SS/SC track frame build for autocross

    I’m joining the fun and building Chassis 162 located in Richmond virginia I purchased my donor car this past Tuesday locally for 2700 it’s a 2007 ss/sc with a whooping 197k miles on it. Compression looks decent car still pulls strong. Has a little rattle at startup that goes away after it warms...