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  1. redline

    Front Wing

    I am looking to do some type of front wing and I was curious if anyone else has worked on this yet?
  2. redline

    Looking for a tuner? I have the guy for you!

    I have been working with a gentleman who has been tuning Cobalts and the like for many years. He has taken on the goblin as a project and we have had great results so far. The goblin requires specialized tuning ass the air tables are completely different and also torque values are different due...
  3. redline

    full race rims and tires

    What are you running at the track? Is anyone on full R rated race tires such as Hoosiers, if so what size and what rims are you running. My thoughts right now are 10"rear and 8" front Hoosier R rated slicks for the track. I would like to put them on 15" rims front and back if they will fit...
  4. redline

    Suspension settings

    I am looking for a starting point for settings on both the front springs and dampening and for the aftermarket rear coil over assembly that DF sells. anyone have any measurements? I know it is driver preference but a starting point would be great.
  5. redline

    Redlines - 2008 SS TC Goblin build in Mississippi

    Hello all, Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point. I figured I should move from the general talks to an actual build thread now that I have a donor and I hope to purchase the kit today if I can get 1 or 2 questions answered. I have decided to do a completely stock build...
  6. redline

    what donor to get

    Hello all, I am new here and I was wondering what years cobalt can be used? is see 05 -10 but what if the cobalt is newer than 10?