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  1. Johvans

    ctuinstra's City Goblin - 07 SS/SC donor 2.0

    Any chance of getting one? thanks!
  2. Johvans

    ASkiles' 918GBLN Street Build - 06 SS/SC

    In all seriousness you may want to reconsider this. With a 2.5" pulley you will be outside of the efficiency of the blower and the air will be extremely hot. Without the aid of the cooling from E85 or meth injection I would worry about detonation (blowing yourself to pieces) or not being able...
  3. Johvans

    ASkiles' 918GBLN Street Build - 06 SS/SC

  4. Johvans

    ASkiles' 918GBLN Street Build - 06 SS/SC

    I've seen the way you drive, you've got a heavy foot. You'll blow yourself to pieces.
  5. Johvans

    Johvans - City Goblin - 07 SS donor

    I guess its time to update this! With the whole titling/revocation issue it was hard to get motivated to work on it. I ended up getting a ride along with a friend and got hooked... I'm ~10 hours away from my check ride and with the registration/titling bills being passed in Texas I...
  6. Johvans

    G2 Caliper Paint

    I went through the same thing. I ended up having Detective Coating powdercoat mine they looked so bad. John
  7. Johvans

    JS City Goblin - 2010 LS

    I need your motivation.. and to be done with school....
  8. Johvans


    I think its the 2.4 in general. I read the same thing although I can't find the article again. If I was going to do it all over again that's what I would do as well. It gets you the better ecu for HP tuners as well. John
  9. Johvans

    Johvans - City Goblin - 07 SS donor

    I'll graduate with my MBA this summer, its been taking a lot of time. The whole title/registration revoking debacle kinda took the last wind out of the sales. I'll get going on it again once there is a proven plan to have them street legal in Texas, hopefully by the time I graduate there will...
  10. Johvans

    *Official Builders Thread* Where are you located?

    John V Paris, Texas 07 SS/SC with supercharger removed S252 Turbo City Frame
  11. Johvans

    JS City Goblin - 2010 LS These are the guys I have a feeling I will be using at some point. John
  12. Johvans

    Nuker's City Goblin build - 2007 SS SC Donor - Completed/Licensed

    I had the same issue with the cores being coated. I'm installing a catch can now.
  13. Johvans

    KJPs 08 TC 6 Speed build

    FWIW check prices on this. I towed a car to the SCCA National Championships with the plan to drop it back off with Uhaul for the race week and pick it up again when we left. They essentially wanted to charge me double because it was considered "one way". It was cheaper for me to leave it at...
  14. Johvans

    06 SS LSJ TC - Copart

    Great deal right here.
  15. Johvans

    Why does the US get such **** gas...

    Isn't the rating system different? I think I remember reading something to that affect before...
  16. Johvans

    JS City Goblin - 2010 LS

    Which turbo is it?
  17. Johvans

    Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

    Saw lots of posts in the dune buggy facebook group. Looking forward to seeing a recap! John
  18. Johvans

    Base Model Turbo Install

    Only downside is it doesn't accept a thermostat.. John
  19. Johvans

    Base Model Turbo Install

    Everything looks great! Where are you planning on putting the MAF? I've also been told that the heater inlet/outlet holes for the heater core can be plugged. I'm thinking that I'm going to pull the hard pipes out and drill and tap them with NPT plugs. Might make running your downpipe easier...
  20. Johvans

    Canyons trackframe LSJ-T Htown

    22538799_10103083655980792_2029686444008490115_o by Johvans posted Nov 20, 2017 at 1:41 PM