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  1. Johvans

    Ecotec M62 Supercharger and parts

    What you get: (1) M62 supercharger with stock sized pulley (84k miles) (1) GM alternator with brackets and bolts (1) GM AC pulley and tensioner pulley (4) 33 lb factory green injectors What you will need (as far as I know): Stock LSJ intake manifold to bolt blower too and associated blower...
  2. Johvans

    SS/SC Clutch/Flywheel Change

    Getting ready to swap my clutch out for the GM upgrade kit. I have the kit, new flywheel and bolts, new clutch pipe/elbow to install as well. Any tips for the project?
  3. Johvans

    Tow bar build and hardware

    Does anyone have the information regarding the hardware being used on the front suspension for those that plan on using a tow bar? I thought it was on the forum but can't find it with a search. Getting the front suspension together and I'd like to do it once and prep for the tow bar. John
  4. Johvans

    Brake information

    I'm thinking about adding a line lock kit for the front brakes. What thread ends does the kit use?
  5. Johvans

    Ride in a 3XX whp Goblin

    It's ridiculous and breathtaking at the same time... This is from a guy that has ridden liter bikes all my life. Including a high 8 sec Hayabusa.. That feeling in the pit of your stomach doesn't go away.. it just keeps going and going and going. From what Adam remembered the log showed 0-63...
  6. Johvans

    Radiator specifications and sourcing

    Can anyone let me know the dimensions of the radiator and the part/model number on the box if they still have it? I sent Adam an email but while working to mount my heat exchanger my buddy may have ran into some issues... :confused::( Thanks...
  7. Johvans

    Model specific kit contents

    I've seen a lot of confusion on the forum regarding what is included with the various kits. Can you guys (Lonny, Adam) chime in with a list of what is included in each kit? Base/SS(SC)/SS(Turbo? I'm now in the planning phase after completing most of stage 1 and I don't want to purchase...
  8. Johvans

    Bolting up clutch pedal bracket

    I installed my clutch master cylinder yesterday and realized I didn't know what hardware to use to install the pedal bracket? I assume it was included in the stage 1 kit? Also there is a switch at the top (clutch position sensor?) and it looks like it will sit above the bodywork? Are people...
  9. Johvans

    Manual transmission assembly photos

    Can we get some pictures similar to the stage 2 photos for help assembling the manual cars? Thanks!
  10. Johvans

    Instructional build written instructions

    I assume you guys are using a script when making the video's. Would it be possible to get a script of the video's in one document? I've found myself consistently watching the videos over again to find a torque spec or size tool etc. and it would be helpful to have everything stated in one...
  11. Johvans

    Taylor - Top Speed Motorsports - Group Tune

    So I'm looking forward to getting my kit on the ground and tuned. Per a lot of people including Justin Reed, Taylor from Top Speed Motosports is one of the premier tuners of LSJ ecotecs. I talked to him today about setting up a few days to come out to DFW to tune some cars. This is a feeler...
  12. Johvans

    Donor part picture list

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list with pictures of all the donor parts that are required? If its useful I will put mine together before I start assembly. John
  13. Johvans

    Manual transmission pedal box questions

    Does anyone have any pictures of the manual shifter pedal box and what was removed? This is literally the only part that is still in my dash and it looks like the cylinder is riveted into the firewall. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Johvans

    High resolution photos of P1 & P2

    Is there anyone that has any high resolution photos of P1 and P2? Front, rear, and sides? I'm interested n playing around with them in Photoshop. Thanks! Johvans
  15. Johvans

    Radiator brackets on subframe - Necessary?

    Has anyone found the lower radiator brackets to be useful for mounting anything? I am in the process of preparing the sub frame and was going to remove them to clean up the sub frame if they aren't used for anything. Thanks!
  16. Johvans

    5/110 to 5/114.3 conversion and brake information

    I'd just like a spot/sticky to clarify the bolt pattern conversion for those of us interested in the service. From what I understand we send or bring the hubs to the Doyle's and they will remove the studs and re-drill the hubs (front and rear) to 5/114.3 and reinstall the studs. What brake...
  17. Johvans

    Johvans - City Goblin - 07 SS donor

    Hi All! My name is John and I'm anxiously awaiting my city goblin! I've owned quite a few cars (Miata, MR2's, CRX) and bikes (GSXR's, Ninjas, a Hayabusa) and have always wanted to build a kit car. I was looking at the FF 818 for awhile when I stumbled upon the Goblin. I had seen a build log...
  18. Johvans

    For those with a Supercharged SS donor.. or plans to supercharger later

    What are you planning on doing regarding mounting the heat exchanger for the supercharger? Thanks!