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  1. Bajakid1450

    No power on acceleration

    So in 1st and 2nd gear there is no power but 3rd gear around 2500 rpm the power kicks in, so if I floor it in 1st or second from a stop or while rolling it has really no acceleration I’m thinking fuel related since all the sensors, coils, and plugs are new. No surging idle and not dying out...
  2. Bajakid1450

    ISO fender brackets

    If you have any fender brackets you would like to sell that you are not using shoot me a price of how much you would want for them and I’ll most likely get them, gotta make some fenders for the 275 width tires and don’t need a full kit
  3. Bajakid1450

    P0300 code LE5

    So I’ve replaced the spark plugs and coils on my LE5 new cam sensors and crank sensor, and it idles around a 1000rpm but it’s a bit poppy. Also if you touch the accelerator pedal it jumps up to 2500-3000 rpm and stays there for a minute or two If anyone has any idea of what may cause this...
  4. Bajakid1450

    Radiator fan won’t come on by itself

    So I have the radiator fan all wired up and it won’t come on by itself if I use my Snapon scanner I can control the fan relay and make it work but not by itself cluster was reading 205F so I turned it off
  5. Bajakid1450

    Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4sc street goblin build

    Hello fellas, I just got my goblin chassis #271 today. It’s a 2006 ss 2.4 with a sc kit. I have got a few 3d printed parts from majorwest. I’m gonna try to get this build done quick. I’ve been researching and learning from all your builds to speed up the process. My cobalt ss had 120k on it...