• Photo Contest at Mountain View Meetup

    We need everybody to go vote on their favorite photos at the Mountain View Meetup. Head over to the forum thread today and like some photos!
    Guys should be uploading photos throughout the day so be sure to check back or subscribe to this thread.

    Mountain View Arkansas Meetup Forum Thread

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  1. Rttoys

    Add-on brake proportioning valve

    Doing some autocross, I found that you jamb on the brakes and the fronts lock instantly. Unless you are in a panic stop on the street, you’ll never experience this. At autocross, you find out quickly that you cannot jamb down on the brakes. After doing some research, I decided to decrease the...
  2. Rttoys

    My goblin is......

    So low to the ground, I have to look up at a Smart car. :p
  3. Rttoys

    Houston SCCA Autocross

    There’s a couple of us running SCCA autocross here in the Houston area, so here’s a dedicated thread for it. Post up the good, the bad and the ugly.
  4. Rttoys

    How fast is it?

    I always get this (annoying) question and I really don’t know how to answer it. I haven’t been on a 1/4 mile track since the late 90s. I don’t have a safe and legal place for a top speed run, at the moment, although the Texas mile would be fun. I can give you my last few autocross times, but...
  5. Rttoys

    Goblin picture game

    Figured this might be a way to add a little fun to goblining (is that a real word?) and give an excuse to get people out in their goblin‘s to enjoy the nice weather. This works well on other sites, mostly with motorcycles, so let’s try it here. Game Rules: -A challenge is presented -First...
  6. Rttoys

    Helpful part numbers

    I though I would start a thread on helpful part numbers others may need, but too difficult to search. If you add to this, please add what doner you have or have it in your signature, so others know what they are looking at. 06 cobalt SS SC LSJ 2.0 supercharged MU3 Saab 5 speed G85 limited slip...
  7. Rttoys

    Texas anti-wang club meet

    We had the first annual/monthly/weekly anti-wang club meeting today. Next meeting coming soon. :D
  8. Rttoys

    Fun with wires

    If you are like me, you are probably adding some wiring to your goblin for accessories and such. It’s nice to keep the wires together so they are easier to identify. You look at the bundle of wires in you trash bin and think, “I want my wires all twisted together like the abs wires, but how do...
  9. Rttoys

    Rttoys’s track- ‘06 ss/sc #184

    Ok, time to jump in on this. I have been following goblin for, what seems, a ton of years. After our legal bs got cleared here in Texas and things settled down from my house move, its time to play now. :cool: i have been keeping a eye out for a doner for a few years now and pulled the trigger...
  10. Rttoys

    Turning off the warning lights on the cluster

    Warning lights on, makes my CDO go nuts, so I want to eliminate them. i was going to take it to my speedometer guy to remove the bulbs, but figured I’d give it a go first. My solution is pretty simple and cheap........free. All you need is a small screwdriver and electrical tape. with the...
  11. Rttoys

    Deploying air bags

    I searched, but didn’t really find anything on this. If you bought a cobalt that the air bags are not deployed and always wanted to see an air bag fire off without the consequences of a wreck, have some fun setting them off. :D The nice things about air bags is they are very safe, until its go...