• Photo Contest at Mountain View Meetup

    We need everybody to go vote on their favorite photos at the Mountain View Meetup. Head over to the forum thread today and like some photos!
    Guys should be uploading photos throughout the day so be sure to check back or subscribe to this thread.

    Mountain View Arkansas Meetup Forum Thread

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  1. k.rollin

    New tow pig

    I picked this up today and have been thinking about this Clarke & Dawe skit all day. 2008 GMC Sierra 3500 HD SLE with the LMM Duramax.
  2. k.rollin

    Recall Alert: Harbor Freight Jack Stands

    Hazard Fraught Tools is recalling their 3 ton and 6 ton Jack stands, item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197. Per the filings, the support pawl can be disengaged under shifting load resulting in collapse. I've got a few of these in my garage, and I'm sure that some of you do too because these...
  3. k.rollin


    Is anyone with a completed build running with the TPMS? I've seen threads elsewhere saying that the threshold values can be adjusted to turn off the dash light, but I haven't heard of any Goblins running around with a functional TPMS suited to the car. At this point, I'm wondering if buying...
  4. k.rollin

    Seat Back Brace

    Has anyone installed any sort of seat back brace in their Goblin? I was looking to install something like the Autopower or I/O Port adjustable brace, but am concerned about interference with the brackets that are welded to the harness bar. I've also been thinking of building a solution that...
  5. k.rollin

    Kirkey 65160 Road Race Seat - SOLD

    New 16" adjustable intermediate containment seat with black airknit cover included. I was going to use it in my build after learning that the 47500 had been discontinued after only having one, but ended up finding a second 47500 at i/o port racing instead. Seat has never been installed, just...
  6. k.rollin

    Project Car Comparo

    I spent the weekend up at my friend's cabin with a bunch of our mutual friends, just drinking, talking, and riding quads through the logging roads like we've done since we were all back in high school. A few of us got to talking about our projects, and now a challenge has been presented - my...
  7. k.rollin

    Karl's Track Goblin No. 40 - 2008 LT ***REGISTERED***

    I've been following the progression of the Goblin for quite a while, and weighing it against something like a Midlana. In the end, I decided to build a Goblin first, because it seemed like the option more likely to be completed, as they seem to go together quickly and I already have enough other...