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    For sale. $50. It's just been sitting on a shelf for the past year or so. I've been too lazy too mess with it and I really don't have the desire to figure it out. I would post pictures, but it's still in its original shipping bag.
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    LNF Oil Leak

    I just happened to notice that oil was leaking down the side of the cylinder head and collecting down by the oil filter. It's nothing major and not enough to even drip on the floor, but I find it to be annoying. After a bit of research, it looks like the leak comes from the camshaft cap which...
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    Twisted Sisters Meet

    I will be making a trip down to Austin on 9 Oct, Columbus Day weekend, to meet up with Justin (JSATX) on 10 Oct to drive the the Twisted Sisters. I wanted to put an invite out to anybody who would like to meet up on Saturday and see what the Sisters are all about. For anybody who might not be...
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    Wind Screen

    I think I'm alone here, but I'll ask anyways. Does anybody have any issues with their wind screens cracking around the bolt holes? I'm on my second one and it's already starting to develop cracks in just a few drives. I thought maybe on my first one it was because the bolt holes didn't line...
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    Corbeau Seats

    I really noticed this on Brad's seats at the spring meet, but the fabric that typically receives the most sunlight is starting to turn a dingy brown for me. I'm pretty sure it's not dirt. I was just wondering if it's just the dye thats fading or will the sun eventually eat up the cloth?
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    RH Control Arm

    This is a Dorman 521-026 passenger's side control arm. It's practically brand new. The stock bushings have already been removed so it's ready to go if you want to install something like Prothane bushings. The reason I'm selling is because the knuckle stud is about .020" smaller than what's on...
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    Grill Cover

    I took Lethalcast's idea and cut out a radiator grill cover. I have enough leftover for one more cover. Asking for $20 shipped to your door. This will save you > $20 if you go with the same material...
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    Summer Air

    With spring time already here and summer is just around the corner, it's time to replace the air in your tires.
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    Bosch Pump

    For the builders using the Bosch LSJ intercooler pump and this pigtail, which wire is positive?
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    Custom Radiator

    Hats off to Ron Davis Racing Products in Glendale, AZ for bringing my custom heat exchanger design to life. The craftsmanship and quality are top of the line. The radiator core is 12"x 24" with side edges that follow the same lines as the frame rails. The filler neck is angled 45 degrees so...
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    Dzus Fasteners

    Dumb question, but is there a trick to installing these for the hood? I took all the powder coat off the wire end on the radiator mount, but these things are a royal pain to get the screw portion to turn. Even with a proper cheap ebay tool, the bit just slips out of the slot. The slots don't...
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    Seat Comfort

    I'm finding that my ass is only good for about 100-150 miles before it starts getting uncomfortable in the stock Corbeaus. It's not a big deal most of the time, but it makes me not look forward to longer trips. Any aftermarket options for seat bottoms? Reupholster? Sit on a pillow? Any...
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    Dyno Results

    Bone stock. 50k miles. Cleaned intake valves.
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    Brake Lines

    I know DF has SS brake lines and all that, but I want to offer these up before I get them out of my way. They are FREE to anybody who wants them. I'll cover shipping costs. You can keep them for spares, replace a questionable line, or whatever. They're still in good shape. Pulled from a...
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    Torque Steer

    Is there a such thing with the Goblin being RWD and torque steer really only affecting FWD? The reason I ask is that a full throttle pull from a slow speed to 70-80 MPH can be a scary experience. It doesn't want to go in a straight line. It wants to wobble left/right. I don't know if it's...
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    ECU Flash

    I was chatting with the local dealer about my air flow problems and we got to talking about flashing the ECU with a stock image again. Just spit balling ideas for now. He mentioned that a reflash can potentially cause issues afterwards such as the car not starting or opening a Pandora's box of...
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    Front Ride Height

    The instructions say to adjust your front coilovers until your lower control arm is level to the ground with you and a passenger in it. I don't see any way of doing that without running out of threads and compressing the crap out of the spring. I only have about 1" of threads left and my arms...
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    Bleeder Screws

    I've been fighting with bleeder screws leaking past the seat and dripping. Come to find out, it doesn't take very much debris to cause them to leak. I didn't realize that when I got mine powder coated, and I think there was still some blast media on the seats even though they looked fairly...
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    Goblin on YouTube

    Anybody see this yet? I found it a few days ago. Short of Matt Farah's review, there aren't really many driving videos out there. I think the video is more of a sales pitch than anything since he's trying to sell it, but it's still neat nonetheless. It's 17 minutes of driving and talking...
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    Shifter Cable Mount

    It appears as if I'm missing some kind of bracket here? Whatever goes there, I definitely don't have it anymore. Any idea where I can find one? Here's a pic from Rich's build: