• Photo Contest at Mountain View Meetup

    We need everybody to go vote on their favorite photos at the Mountain View Meetup. Head over to the forum thread today and like some photos!
    Guys should be uploading photos throughout the day so be sure to check back or subscribe to this thread.

    Mountain View Arkansas Meetup Forum Thread

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  1. George

    Remote clutch control.

    I have had my right leg amputated just above the keen. Trying to design and build a hand operated clutch (manual). Current path is a linear actuator to operate clutch slave cylinder. Going to remove clutch pedal and install left gas pedal. Do not have any actuator experience. Thought is to use...
  2. George

    Goblin for sale REMOVE FROM MARKET

    I am selling the Shadow Lou Racing 2018 goblin. Standard length race chassis, modified supercharged engine, come with new F35 transmission in the box, two 13.75x15 Hoosier tires mounted on steel wheels,4 15x10 allow wheels, 6 9.5x15 front Hoosier racing tires. asking $29,000. Reason for sale I...
  3. George

    A/T Goblin on steroids

    Check out this video of a 4wd Ecotec powered rock crawler. Brad
  4. George

    What do you not like about your Goblin

    I for one love my Goblin. I am a tinker so the ease of making changes or adding new features is very easy. Love the power, love the hadling and the uniqueness of the design. Do you have any thing you do not care for? Brad
  5. George

    Toe setting

    How to set toe front and rear making car square. Measure the toe front and rear with a Longacer style toe gauge. calculate the front and rear width by adding both rear toe lengths and divide by 2. Compare front to rear. On mine the front was 10mm narrower. Put a 5mm spacer at the widest part of...
  6. George

    Qa1 springs

    I have 2 Qa1 HT9300 300# 9" free length and 2 Qa1 HT9250 250# 9" free length for sale Price $30.00 per spring Brad
  7. George

    Shadow Lou Racing, street,track,autocross Goblin

    Started Friday evening with the tear down, complete to day at 5pm. the car is a 2007 Cobalt SS supercharged. Next step is to rebuild and modify the parts. Other than the fitment of the front wheel bearings is there any other reason not to run ABS braking? Brad
  8. George


    My name is Brad Schaffner, owner of George's Imports in Kansas City, Mo. Web site www.kcsaab.com. Have purchased a 2007 Cobalt SS for the donor. Today ordered the kit, track, easy entry in yellow. Hope to be titled and on the street by the end of April.