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  1. TheDon

    New steering wheel

    First time quick disconnect installer. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, spring on center cap sticks out to far to fit in disconnect hub? And if the aluminum ring is used for this application?
  2. TheDon

    Before i pull the trigger on these, they going to fit?

    I opted for the DF drilled hubs 5 x 114.3 Looking at 17x10 wheels with et of 18 Which comes out to 6.21 inch backspacing. According to internet factory backspacing is 6.0 inch and cobalt forums say they max at 6.27inch backspacing before hitting struts. I think I'm allset but for about 2grand...
  3. TheDon

    114.3 hubs

    Thinking I'm going to add the drilled hubs to my order. If I run an 8mm spacer are these going to fit? Thanks I'm open to ideas
  4. TheDon

    Extra brown wires in harness

    Nearing the end of harness build I have 2 brown wires coming off this junction I had labeled one rear tail light and the other plate light, they are headed to the bcm from ecm end of harness do I simply cut them out or did I miss something
  5. TheDon

    TheDons track, easy entry, 09 ss/tc build #273

    This will be my first time building a kit car. I owned an Aztec avenger gt-40 kit car on vw chassis with corvair spider engine years ago and have done my fair share of maintenance and custom fabrication over the years. I was looking for something like a porsche cayman s, when I came across the...