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  1. Ross

    My new build (sic)

    My new build not only has tracks, it has a lawnmower deck.
  2. Ross

    Discount on dual spray injectors.

    These 60Lb split sprays are great for the LSJ engine... with a tune, of course. It's your lucky day! We are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by offering you 15% off all items under "St. Patrick's Day Sale" tab. This is a one day sale so don't test your luck. Grab that set you've had your eye on or...
  3. Ross

    F35 with LSD (G85 option) in Dallas Tx

    Found this guy selling it on facebook.
  4. Ross

    LNF / LHU cams

    $350 is cheap for cams. Well for $600 perfomance cams.
  5. Ross

    Half built Goblin for sale in Massachusetts

    On Facebook
  6. Ross

    Custom Goblin Gauges

    The LSJ donor comes with 4 gauges, and it is a little too sparse for my liking. Boost, speed, fuel level, & tachometer. I am adding an oil pressure, fuel pressure and intake temperature. I debated going digital flat screen, but the cons outweighed the pros. (Hard to see in bright sunlight...
  7. Ross

    Making HP. LNF, LSJ, LE5, LAP vs L61

    Well this thread should get some opinionated posts. I started this thread after watching this debate video. When I was looking for my donor, I was hoping for a turbo car (LNF) but was okay with a supercharged one (LSJ) as they were more commonly available. I ended up with an LSJ after bidding...
  8. Ross

    Hacking the GM Low Speed LAN

    I want to hack into the GM Low Speed LAN for a few reasons. - to find & fix my intermittent instrument cluster gauges issue - add an oil pressure sender to my HP Tuners logs, and a new dash gauge. - be able to add future functionality similar to what BradR has done. Today I had some success...
  9. Ross

    Remote tuning

    Rttoys and I are going to get his engine tuned. We both have 2006 LSJs, so we should be able to share files. This thread is open to anyone, but the 2 of us are just starting this. I have never remote tuned, but am willing to try.
  10. Ross


    Take a slingshot, and add a V8 & corvette exoskeleton, and you get this thing.
  11. Ross

    Front wheels shaking and hopping under hard braking (Now fixed!)

    During hard braking, my front wheels will start shaking left and right, hopping up and down, and I have to reduce braking to stop it. I have had this issue with my Goblin from day 1, but I'm not sure if it is only happening to my car. I am trying to identify what I have done wrong, and fix it...
  12. Ross

    Supercharger Pulley Puller available

    Anyone need a supercharger pulley puller? Andrew (DCMoney) loaned me the puller that he made. I am going to make a video of how it worked on my supercharger. Then it will become available to the next Goblin owner for a small fee ($20ish) to cover shipping. So if you are in need, request...
  13. Ross

    HP Tuners MAF & VE tuning

    I am near the end of may MAF (Mass Air Flow) tuning, and took the time to compare the stock 2006 Cobalt SS Supercharged MAF tune to the Goblin MAF tune. The only difference is the shorter DF Goblin intake, with the DF supplied Edelbrock air filter, and the shorter 2.5" DF exhaust with the...
  14. Ross

    Symptoms and Solutions - Electrical

    This thread is to help builders debug their cars. It is a short synopsis to guide builders, not a discussion thread, just a fact thread. Please post here after you have found a solution to the problem you had. Symptoms: The whole car's electrical system went dead. The BCM is clicking - some...
  15. Ross

    The whole car's electrical system was dead / Now alive!

    I was working on my BCM, looking for a ignition switched wire for my AEM Air/Fuel gauge, when I heard a click in the rear fuse box, and then the whole car was dead. No dash lights, key doesn't do anything. The BCM is clicking - some relay inside it, as removing the 2 external relays didn't...
  16. Ross

    Headlight Harness thinning and extending the wires.

    The headlight harness needs the ground wire connected to start the car. What is required to run the headlights, turn signals & horn? 1. There is a connector to join the headlight harness to the body harness, but only 2 wires are left on it (Green with white stripe, and yellow with a black...
  17. Ross

    Wrong master brake cylinder?

    I noticed my 2006 SS master cylinder has a different casting than the videos, and it is longer, which will interfere with the radiator. Also looks like the reservoir relocation hardware won't work either. Do I need to purchase a shorter master cylinder? Which one?
  18. Ross

    Side Mirrors / Turn Signals

    Any suggestions on a set of side mirrors for the Goblin? I noticed that the mirrors sometimes get kicked as people enter/exit the car, so they are subject to a bit of abuse that can easily leave them broken or loose. I was hoping to find some that can stand up better to the accidental bumps.
  19. Ross

    Clutch options and opinions.

    What is your opinion on a good clutch and a good parts supplier? My LSJ supercharged engine needs a new clutch. It will be mostly a street goblin, but I do want the clutch to be able to handle extra power that a boosted engine makes. I am thinking a stage 2 South Bend clutch from Autoplicity.