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  1. ctuinstra

    Goblinfest 2022

    I was looking at places last night. The Notty Squirrel is booked up that week. :(
  2. ctuinstra

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    I'll PM you his number. I called him and asked and he's cool with it.
  3. ctuinstra

    Justin Reed Racing DF Goblin

    Anyone catch this? It's cool to see the prototype in action. It should be on everyone's upgrade list when it come available. You can catch parts of it in the photos.
  4. ctuinstra

    Custom STL Files for 3D Printed Goblin Parts

    My son moved to the Detroit area. Warren more specifically. He is the one that designed and printed a lot of these parts. He could print it for you.
  5. ctuinstra

    Justin Back at it

  6. ctuinstra

    RPM Fluctuations/Stalling

    If you had HP Tuners and did a really good long data log, that would tell us a lot! We could see if it's the pedal, AFR, MAF, etc. On these cars, it's worth the investment.
  7. ctuinstra

    High IAT2 temps and KR

    This is completely normal. Keep in mind, the sensor is tucked away in a corner inside the intake. It takes cool air coming into the intake to cool the sensor in order to read a lower temp. At idle, there is little to no air flow coming into the intake. The engine will heat soak the intake...
  8. ctuinstra

    2022 Gathering with the Locost Group

    The huge Sonic Car show and cruise is the 21 just in case anyone in interested. It's 30-45 drive from JC.
  9. ctuinstra

    2022 Gathering with the Locost Group

    Since this is based in my stomping grounds, I should join in on the fun. Kaleb, my son, who usually drives these events will be out of town that weekend, so if I drive, I'll be somewhere at the back of the pack. I can also offer a garage, tools, and trailer if anyone should need anything...
  10. ctuinstra

    LSJ Engine Coolant

    Make sure to run Dex-cool (orange stuff) in the engine cooling system and I run distilled water and Water Wetter in the HE. It doesn't necessarily need coolant in the HE because is should never see the extreme temps. Now if you let you car sit outside during the winter, we'll that's a different...
  11. ctuinstra

    Throttle Sensitivity

    That’s also what I’ve been saying for a long time. These cars are super sensitive to throttle input and a bouncy leg will cause a lot of issues. I’ve seen it in a log file. I wish there was an easy way to put stiffer spring or damper on the throttle.
  12. ctuinstra

    Throttle Sensitivity

    The throttle will be very sensitive compared to the donor but it can be very drivable. Ours was that way at first and now is really easy to drive. More than anything is to make sure you have a good tune. I assume you ha HP Tuners since you have adjusted the tables. Do you have a log file we...
  13. ctuinstra

    Another stupid question

    That's correct. One is the pressure side and the other is the return. The pressure regulator is located in the pump. The pump pumps fuel up to the filter and the return line only lets fuel return if it exceeds 58psi (4 bar).
  14. ctuinstra

    Engine mounting tips

    You should have most everything mostly ready. Make sure to have the break and clutch lines in place. There is a decent room around the engine once it's in place but the job it a lot easier with much of the major items at least in the area they need to be.
  15. ctuinstra

    Resetting the Odometer - How To

    You didn't modify your reader for 5v? I haven't bothered to do it yet even though I have all the stuff and have been successfully reprogramming EEPROMs at work. I assumed that was necessary.
  16. ctuinstra

    Goblinfest 2022

    Kaleb and I will try to attend again this year.
  17. ctuinstra

    ctuinstra's City Goblin - 07 SS/SC donor 2.0

    This is about all I have.
  18. ctuinstra

    Nukers City Goblin - 2009 SS/TC number 2 build

    The idea behind the honeycomb is good but the execution of it isn’t. They are way too short to create a really straight flow of air. The best idea by far, and the least popular, is to box the air filter so it’s not exposed to the wind. Every auto manufacturer does this. The other option is...
  19. ctuinstra

    Saturn Vue Steering Install

    I'm surprised the BCM is okay without being able to communicate with it once it's removed. Yes, adding the 120ohm resistors terminate the end of the line so there is no reflection. You will want to connect the pairs as stated before so the DLC port still works.
  20. ctuinstra

    Saturn Vue Steering Install

    The 120ohm resistor is for the end of the line of the serial data. 1/4 and 2/5 should be already connected inside the PSCM to allow communication using the DLC (OBDII port). If they aren't connected, it's not going to have an effect on the PSCM but the DLC won't work. I'll bet the...