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  1. Whidbey Goblin

    Roof end

    I’m having trouble finding the old video of assembly. Does anyone have a link to the video or just some pictures of the spindles with the billet roof end mounts?
  2. Whidbey Goblin

    New gas cap still leaks.

    My car dumps gas out the filler when turning hard to the left. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a better gas cap? Better filler neck with gas cap?
  3. Whidbey Goblin

    New transmission

    Seems like the trans from my donor wasn’t good after all. The car is just falling out of third gear when not under a load. I just found out DF kit car no longer has 0 mile transmissions. Adam mentioned somebody in here bought several and may still have one available. So my question is does...
  4. Whidbey Goblin

    High speed instability

    Hey guys and gals. Unfortunately the northwest meet up for today had to be canceled due to rain so I will be tinkering on my car in the garage. This has me thinking about my latest high speed run. As I approach 120 MPH the car does not seem stable at all. (I’ve only had it to 125 or so) It’s...
  5. Whidbey Goblin

    PNW meet Sept. 2021

    Hey guys and gals, my goblin should be done in about two weeks. I’m just waiting on the vinyl wrap and ceramic coat on my muffler. I would like to set up a meet while we still have good weather this year. We could do a local run or just BBQ on my property in Oak Harbor. I’m thinking September...
  6. Whidbey Goblin

    Emergency brake

    Has anyone found a more attractive alternative to the donor hand brake handle assembly?
  7. Whidbey Goblin

    Seat install

    Was I supposed to receive some kind of bracket or brackets to install my seats? All I got was the Corbeau seats and this little bag.
  8. Whidbey Goblin

    Engine won’t shut off??

    So it’s been a while since my first start. I’ve hooked up several more systems including the cooling for the supercharger. I wanted to run the car again to make sure I don’t have any leaks. I let it run and come up to full temperature. When I went to shut it off it took a solid three seconds for...
  9. Whidbey Goblin

    Body prep

    It seems like most of you guys with finished cars had The hood and body panels vinyl wrapped. Mine will be wrapped and I want to prep these pieces for the folks that are going to wrap it. It seems like most of the edges are a little sharp. What kind of prep did you do before you had your goblin...
  10. Whidbey Goblin


    Just got my chassis out of powder coat and I’m beginning assembly. I’m ready to pull my coolant lines through the frame and there is supposed to be an aluminum slug. Is that not something supplied? I can’t seem to find it in any of my kit contents.
  11. Whidbey Goblin

    O2 sensors

    On my donor car there were two O2 sensors. One in the exhaust manifold and one in the downpipe. My new header has a port for one 02 sensor but the pipe and muffler DF sent doesn’t have a hole for an O2 sensor. Is this something I need to weld in or do I not use the second O2 sensor?
  12. Whidbey Goblin

    Worrisome spark plug port

    I changed the plugs in my motor today and when I got to what I believe is cylinder number two the plug came out with RTV. Pretty weird. Upon inspection the seat is not flat like the rest. It has a sharp raised portion that wants to cut into the interior of the washer on the spark plug and...
  13. Whidbey Goblin

    Heat exchanger pump

    I watched a video posted by ZZP about top five mods for the supercharged motors. Number one was a new heat exchanger coolant pump. What are your thoughts on changing it? Should I test it first or just buy a new one?
  14. Whidbey Goblin


    ZZP is out of stock on Shorty headers and doesn’t know when they will have them available. I see someone else already posted they are looking for one as well. Has anyone tried the hundred dollar Amazon stainless headers? Are they garbage or worth a shot?
  15. Whidbey Goblin

    New ball joints?

    I cleaned up and painted my control arms today. I already ordered new moog rear bushings. I noticed while prepping my control arms the ball joints are extremely stiff. I need to use a lot of force to move them by hand. Has anybody cut the rivets out and replaced the ball joints on OEM control arms?
  16. Whidbey Goblin

    Do I need these sensors and valves? 2005 SS/SC

    I’m not sure what this little sensor is next to the evap. Do I need it?
  17. Whidbey Goblin

    Collapsible steering shaft?

    I’m tearing apart my donor and the steering shaft doesn’t seem to want to collapse. 05 SS supercharged. Is it possible this model just doesn’t have a collapsible steering shaft or is mine seized?
  18. Whidbey Goblin

    Whidbey Goblin, track chassis for the streets. 05 SS donor.

    Ordered my kit about a month ago and finally got a weekend to start tearing apart my donor. Pretty excited to get this project moving. Everyone I’ve talked to so far has been extremely friendly and helpful! Today I got the engine, transaxle, subframe, seats and some of the wiring out.
  19. Whidbey Goblin

    First steps.

    Got the engine, transaxle and subframe out today!