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  1. AZmoto

    EVAP starting strangeness

    I have a brand new ATK LNF engine with a new engine harness. The first few times I started the engine it cranked right up and idled fine. The other day when I went to put it on the trailer for the DMV inspection it wouldn't start. After about the 3rd or 4th time cranking I would get a mild...
  2. AZmoto

    Headlight options

    Well it's time to purchase some headlights. There are a million options and I'm overwhelmed. What have you guys found that you like and recommend?
  3. AZmoto

    Good price on GM LNF radiator hoses

    I don't know if they've always been this price but I was surprised to find factory LNF radiator hoses this cheap. If you're still sporting 10+ year old rubber this may be a good time for a refresh. Part Number Part Name...
  4. AZmoto

    Is it safer to run the factory seat belts on the street?

    So I have no experience with racing harnesses and my plans at this point are for the Goblin to be 100% street driven. I've been doing some research into my options and my understanding so far is that a racing harness minus a HANS device actually puts your neck at more risk than the factory...
  5. AZmoto

    Diagram for brake booster vacuum sensor (LNF)?

    It looks like I have to wire the brake booster vacuum sensor into my harness. The only thing I came up with on Alldata was the pinout for the connector. Does anyone have a diagram showing where these go?
  6. AZmoto

    Front coilover mounting hardware?

    Does anyone know the part number or description for the front coilover mounting hardware? I can't find it nor do I see anything on the packing list that sounds like it.
  7. AZmoto

    Anyone wrap their own hood?

    Just wondering how difficult it would be for someone with no experience to wrap the hood on one of these. I assume it can be done in a single piece?
  8. AZmoto

    Ground between the ECM and BCM?

    I'm finishing up the wiring harness and have a ground wire coming of the BCM that is cut and knotted. Did this have a special purpose? I can't remember at this point. Also I noticed that there does not seem to be a ground connecting the ECM and BCM. Is there supposed to be?
  9. AZmoto

    Cheap price on a 315/35r17

    There's no matching front at a reasonable price so you'd have to do it Ross-style...
  10. AZmoto

    Help with donor parts pricing....

    I'm starting to sell of the donor parts but I don't know what they are worth. Car is a 2009 Cobalt SS with 67K miles. Exterior and interior are in very good condition. I have someone who wants to buy the front seats and door panels. What were you able to get for these? Thanks.
  11. AZmoto

    AZMoto #245 ext-track - 09 SS TC

    Donor is in. It's a 2009 Cobalt SS with 67K miles. Paid a bit of a premium for it but hopefully I'll be able to recoup some of the cost as the body and interior are in very good shape. It's a Florida car and there is a fair bit of surface corrosion on all of the exposed metal parts. It doesn't...
  12. AZmoto

    Corbeau seat mounts

    Is there physically room to mount the Corbeau seats lower than where the DF mounts place them? If so, about how much lower could they go?
  13. AZmoto

    What prevents a supercharger from being run on an AT?

    For anyone familiar with the AT or anyone who wants to speculate.... what would it take to add something like ZZP's supercharger or turbo kit for the NA motor? From just scanning the pics it doesn't seem like it would be too bad but I'm probably missing something...