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    DF Allen Nut Hood Plate

    Guys, I bought the new steel hood plate with Allen wrench bolts to replace the old plastic hood plate. Where do the two bolts secure to? I attached a pic
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    Power steering died

    Guys, My power steering just died when i was out for a ride. It said "power steering" on my gauge right after it happened. Has anyone had this happen to you?..
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    E 85

    Anybody running E85?
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    ZZP Z57 Turbo For Sale

    I bought the Turbo from a fellow Goblin owner and ended up going with a ZZP Z54. I paid $1100 and will take $1000. It has under 50 miles on it(just the Turbo)
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    Turbo Upgrade

    ZZP's Z54 Turbo has been out of stock for a while and they are not sure when they will be getting one in stock. Does anybody know of another option?
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    Car Cover

    Hey Guys, Looking for an outdoor car cover. Let me know if anyone has purchased one. Not looking for anything fancy, just something for a couple days
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    Aftermarket Muffler

    Any suggestions on a good performance muffler?
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    Moving steering wheel forward

    Has anyone been able to move the steering wheel forward, so it's not so close?
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    Turbo Swap

    Has anyone gotten a Turbo kit installed on a LSJ from a shop in Michigan or Ohio?
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    Track Days

    Hey Guys, Wanted to get some feedback on how the Goblin handles around high speed corners?? Also, is there after market suspension parts available to improve the handling?
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    For Sale

    Any completed SC or TC Goblins for sale?
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    New Guy From MI

    Hey guys. I just found out about Goblin and so far i like what i see. I noticed a couple guys from Michigan, so maybe you can help. How do you register the Goblin if Michigan requires windshield wipers and bumper??....Also, i live in Plymouth. Anybody close?