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  1. k.rollin

    Eric's Goblin #450 (2009 T/C donor)

    Good color choice; I know someone with the same color for their chassis lol
  2. k.rollin

    Devo's Extended Track #381 - 06 SS/SC Donor

    The two of you are using different nuts. @Devo is using strut nuts from the donor, and you look to be using nuts supplied with the kit hardware or sourced elsewhere. The donor hardware is much taller than what you're using.
  3. k.rollin

    Floyd's City #180 - 2006 SS/SC - 3rd Round

    I used eyebolts as anchors at either end and ran 1/8 inch wire rope with thimbles and aluminum ferrules. Covered the sharp ends of the cable with heat shrink tubing. The tools I used were $30-ish online.
  4. k.rollin

    My new project

    Tremec TKX 5 speed if you want OD without hacking up the tunnel
  5. k.rollin

    Headlight Recommendations and Radio Wiring Questions

    I just combined my running light wire with my low beam wire going to the headlights, so my setup is high, low/running, and ground; front turn signals run to the side mirrors. I used the JW Speaker model 6130 IIRC, but if I was starting over or wanted to redo the headlights, I'd use the model 8632.
  6. k.rollin

    Mahkoi's #299. Ext Track. SS Turbo.

    I don't have that experience because I always wear a full face helmet, and as long as I don't open my visor while fueling, people don't try to tell me about how cousin's ex-boyfriend's sister's college roommate was building a twincharged buggy out of their old Neon
  7. k.rollin

    Andy’s Charleston extended City Goblin #308 - 05 SS/SC

    3 is for the vehicle speed sensor
  8. k.rollin

    Eric's Goblin #450 (2009 T/C donor)

    Oh hey! I'm pretty sure we met the last time I was at the autox in Monroe. Welcome to the forum!
  9. k.rollin

    Radiator Petcock

    My radiator was marketed as a replacement for the 5th & 6th generation Honda Civic. My petcock leaked a little bit this past summer; turns out the o-ring had dried out and broken. Replaced the o-ring and no more leaks.
  10. k.rollin

    Robinjo #405 Full Cage - 2006 SS/SC Build "Drago"

    I've got torque seal all over my steering, suspension, and brake fasteners to help with visual verification that nothing has come loose or been tampered with.
  11. k.rollin

    Blue Man's City Goblin - 05 Base Donor

    I like the heat shrink tubing that I can use with my label maker.
  12. k.rollin

    Braking Test/Distance

    I mounted mine on top of the pedal box using the included bracket. I don't remember seeing anyone else's mounting solution.
  13. k.rollin

    Coolant hose leak at frame

    Someone who drilled into their hose trying to mount the side panels used a come-along to remove the damaged hose.
  14. k.rollin

    Df Kit Car Today

    Still doesn't specify an alloy though; could be 1018, 1020, or 1026
  15. k.rollin

    Banjo Bolt Help

    Right, I didn't think to check the Solstice/Sky calipers.
  16. k.rollin

    Banjo Bolt Help

    You're right; it's actually M10x1.5
  17. k.rollin

    Rear Difusser

    The only part of my car that scrapes it the very front edge of my nose wing pylons.
  18. k.rollin

    Pizzaman’s Goblin Track Frame ‘08 Manual LS Donor

    I'm actually not using the rack I modified for mine anymore lol
  19. k.rollin

    Engine pulled from car. Now what?

    You'll need the handle assembly, cable guide tubes, and the front parking brake cable (threaded into the handle, with a floating splitter thing on the opposite end) if you are planning to use the DFKC parking brake kit.
  20. k.rollin


    The small black clips are brake pad wear indicators. When the pads wear enough, the clips will rub on the rotor and make an awful racket. You don't actually need to install them if you do regular inspection and maintenance of your car.