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    Chassis #261 for sale -- LSJ-T swapped 06 donor

    Are all of us builders a masochist to some extent? :D
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    Chassis #261 for sale -- LSJ-T swapped 06 donor

    Been debating whether or not to post my build for sale for awhile now. Finally made the decision to part ways though. Life events have changed my plans and I'm not able to invest the time into this project like I want. Car is essentially built. Was in the tuning stages with ZZP and was chasing...
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    Goblin picture game

    Next challenge?
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    Trying to help out with wiring on another goblin 06 ss

    These are from an 06 SS/SC on alldatadiy. Maybe one of these? Check the wire colors. Hard to tell how many pin slots on that larger connector. Thought I counted 48.
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    Trying to help out with wiring on another goblin 06 ss

    Door connector was bigger with a lock mechanism IIRC. Looks more like a radio connector with the blue plastic tab
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    (LSJ) Cooling mods - Option B + Dual Pass, HE, etc...

    The point of the option B is to eliminate any air pockets in the system that would hinder flow. But it’d have to be configured like ZZP says with tapping the manifold to do so. Otherwise, option B just because a bigger reservoir for coolant than the stock fill port.
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    Florida title

    Welcome to Florida :D
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    Florida title

    What did you try to register it as? Kit car or Assembled from parts? Have you reviewed this thread? Maybe have your location call his
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    Custom Exhaust

    That is absolutely beautiful work.
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    Turbo Gasket/Spacer

    Ya remove the heat shield. Maybe that’s where it’s making contact? The z54 uses the same housing as the K04. But I do believe you can still clock the cold side of the turbo which may be what is contacting the manifold.
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    Turbo Gasket/Spacer

    I didn’t have any issues mounting my z57 to the stock ko4 exhaust manifold with the stock gasket. Where is the turbo making contact?
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    Goblinfest 2022

    Thought you weren’t going to make it @Desert Sasqwatch ?
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    Florida folks

    I’m in Pensacola so the Hurricane brought great weather up here. My family down in Tampa were spared thankfully when it made that last minute turn into the Ft Myers area. Ft Myers was caught way off guard by Ian unfortunately as it wasn’t in the cone at all until that last minute turn :confused:
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    Goblinfest 2022

    Expected. Most electric cars will get about 1/3 of their normal range when towing. My model Y performance gets 265-280W per mile at 75mph normally. The model Y can tow up to 3500lbs as well so the goblin being about half that weight, I’d expect around 500W per mile. Figure a 75kwh battery...
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    Goblinfest 2022

    Genuinely curious how the model Y did range wise towing the goblin. I’ve towed a 1600lb trailer with my MYP and it was like nothing, but the short 10 mile trip back home at highway speeds wasn’t very telling. Used maybe 30 miles of range while doing a 0-60 pull?
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    Anti-Slip Tape

    A few of us have used spray on bed liner for the floor.
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    Z54 is the ZZP branded and the ZFR is a Borg Warner EFR turbo with the ZZP modified exhaust housing so it’s a direct bolt in. The BW turbo has lighter turbines and better bearings so it spoils faster than the Z54, but it’s a considerable amount more. The Z54 is the budget ZFR making almost as...
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    Goblinfest 2022

    You saying that stripping the donor isn't fun? I broke all my windows with a hammer, never got a chance to legally smash car windows before building my Goblin so I thought that was fun :D
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    Automatic to manual conversion?

    Anything is possible with enough money! It could be done simple by adding a clutch pedal and MC and running a standalone ECU and fuel management system. Would be worth a shot just to remove the TCM and moving the park/neutral sensor to the clutch pedal like you mentioned. I don’t see why it...