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    (LSJ) Cooling mods - Option B + Dual Pass, HE, etc...

    The pump for the HE, can it put the that much more fluid that far and back? I guess that would be my only concern having it that far.
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    Future of the Goblin

    you mean le mons ;)
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    For those with a Supercharged SS donor.. or plans to supercharger later

    I think adam was talking about mounting that behind the head of the driver.
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    Wheels, tires and brakes.

    Can confirm, running R71r's on my daily LNF and it sucks...
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    SinisterSF's Turbo Build

    Don't happen to hear any chunks of the pistons banging around inside? :s Hope it is something easy! Normal FP in the tank and the HPFP is to the right of the valve cover. Mmmm I thought there was a test plug on the rail..... Haven't dug into my lnf in a bit. I would check for a bad tune from...
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    Future of the Goblin

    all this talk....makes me want one MEOW! :D
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    GM Performance books for LSJ SC engine

    CED sells the books as well I also purchased the workshop book for my LNF as doing any part replacement or work, it's nice to have that to go by. Tom @ CED is a great guy to support as well :)
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    Using LSJ with GMPP Stage kits

    Yeah! GMPP parts are some of the best you can get. Also the GMPP upgraded axles, I think they made new axles for the lsj based off lnf ones.
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    Used lsj Eaton supercharger

    Used M62!
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    Lonny's City Goblin - 2010 Turbo SS

    Those are Moog bushings. I still have my original Powell cab's and Derlin's for the CA's.....haven't installed them yet.
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    List of useful tools for Goblin build?

    Door and trim removal tools. Probably metal and plastic sets, for different parts and toughness.
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    Lonny's City Goblin - 2010 Turbo SS

    The turbo SS will get to 155-160mph....sooo be careful ;) Great looking build :)
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    Non Power steering

    Just make sure when you get your donor, the recall for the motor was done, or purchase a new one. Powell mentioned the HHR one was an upgrade but requires a tweak to fit the splines or something. He told me that some years ago so ya bad memory ;) but the time attack ss had the upgraded one as...
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    Aftermarket Turbo

    Have you chosen a turbo yet? Curious on size, brand etc.
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    Donor Dibs List

    The 2.4 was the NA SS for the years of the supercharged model as well. I don't know what years the 2.4L was in the cobalt. I thought most or all? the 5spd is harder to find it in though for sure.
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    Differences in SS and a non SS

    not sure how big the stock vs Griffen HE is for the LSJ either, but that was a good upgrade. THe cheaper route was the ford mustang cobra HE.
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    Differences in SS and a non SS

    Well that's a fast one ;) Many upgraded to LNF axles..... I think there are some custom shops making some though as well..
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    Minnesota Registration

    I'm glad he responded! Great news and the couple extra bucks to register/title/tax will be well worth it when it is on the street :)
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    Dan Perry - 4" Extended Street

    hahah that will be a fun car. I took my back seat out years ago. How bolstered is it?
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    Donor Dibs List

    Freaking awesome. That is a good deal. There is one in MN, but again, no date!? what the heck :/