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    Squeaky heim joints

    Looks like this got resolved. My smartass answer was going to be "just lube it"....
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    P0315 Crankshaft Position (CPK)

    The LS V8 family will run without the cam sensor, but will take a few attempts at starting until the ECM figures out where the crank is. It will NOT run without the crank sensor.
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    Hard ones.....
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    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    Gotta love the versatility of PVC for prototyping tube fabs.
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    **Post Picture's of your Finished Goblin Here**

    AC-130 ---- One of the most effective weapon systems ever devised. Watching video of one performing its "duties" is awe inspiring!
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    How do you determine the right tire pressure?

    If you're talking about at the track, do a few laps and measure temps across the tread. If warmer near the sides and cooler towards the middle, you're under inflated. And vice-versa.
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    LNF Turbo Heat Shield

    As for the survey- D. All the way.....
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    Crashed 07 Cobalt SS $800

    I would NEVER use a Cobalt with major front-end damage. This is where 90% of your donor parts are! A T-bone, rear-ender, or rollover would all be better than any kind of head-on. Common sense (not all that common...) must prevail here.
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    ECM not engaging Crank Relay and Fuel Pump Relay

    That's likely the biggest thing I harp on over at my other hangout, LS1tech. And more often than not grounds are the issue. It can't be stressed enough. Check EACH one. Wiggle, yank (gently...), eyeball intensely, just make sure they're good! OK, stumbling off the soapbox now.....
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    Remove catalytic converter

    OK, gotcha. Still, in some states a converter will needed to be added in ahead of the muffler (shouldn't be too big a deal), or even use it for a muffler (it will be a bit loud, but quieter than a straight pipe). Saying the kit doesn't come with one doesn't get anyone off the hook here.
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    Remove catalytic converter

    Goblins don't come with any engine or drivetrain. The Cobalt does, and since the Cobalts ALL come with converters, emissions testing states will require the converter to be on the Goblin.
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    Breake Rotor set screw and cocentric spacer

    The FRONT brakes on a Cobalt are the REAR brakes on a Goblin.... Therefore, IF these rings are a Cobalt application for the FRONT rotors, they go on the REAR of a Goblin...
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    How long runs your cooling fan after the engine is off?

    Coolant is still hot after shutoff. Unless the fan relay goes off when the key is off, the fan will run until the temp sensor sees cooler temps
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    Car cover for a winged Goblin - Budge Size #4

    Generally, I would bet a cover for a small wagon (Subaru Forester, etc.) or in that neighborhood would do well.
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    Can someone confirm this will work?

    Nice! That is such a clean look, with the wheels looking RIGHT for the car, plus great color!
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    Turbo exhaust conflict with sway bar

    Dimple the pipe a bit to clear the bar. It won't affect power.
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    Goblin picture game

    You'll geta a bang outta that.....
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    2010 SS/TC at Copart Ontario with 69k miles

    "Starts"...... blown tranny.... only guessing....
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    ZZP Coil Supplier?

    This agrees with a consensus shared by many on an LS engine forum I belong to. GM (or their suppliers..) do a bangup job making good coils! Even guys building max effort jobs do well to use OEM coils. They flat work!