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    The Goliath

    Awesome bike you have there. It looks absolutely stunning.
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    Cheap price on a 315/35r17

    I was able to try a set of Nitto tires but it's the NT555 variant that I got from 4WheelOnline. It cheaper than other brands and the ride and handling are still comfortable.
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    Wheels, tires and brakes.

    Kalishek, would it be easy to look for a Lenso dealer?
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    PHerder's Track Frame with lower entry bars

    Nice choice of tires. And you're very lucky to find such donors.
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    Wheels, tires and brakes.

    That looks great. I'm trying to save for wheels by ICW. I'm after their Kamikaze wheel.
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    Build Guide Part 10 - Thinning the Body Harness

    I only made it this far. I need more time to watch every video. :cool:
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    New here, have kit questions

    This is great. Do we have a FAQ here in this site?
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    Future of the Goblin

    If only I have so much money to immediately invest for one Goblin.
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    Toyo R888R - Okay with assymmetrical?

    Hey Adam, if you're going to switch back to R888 there's this 25% off offer I found at 4WheelOnline for Toyo R88 Tires.
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    Working on videos

    Thanks Adam for the link to the videos. Great work!
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    Differences in SS and a non SS

    Nice and thorough info guys. :D
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    Build Guide Part 1 - Preparing the donor

    Nice and really comprehensive video. I will binge watch every part this weekend.
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    How awesome seeing all the builds coming together!!!

    Show us some photos of your progress. :D
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    Seat selection

    Errorunknown, is there a link where you got the image and price of the items you posted?
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    Headlight options...

    Looks great. How long would it last though?
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    We have a roller

    Nice build. It looks awesome. BAR-AIR, is it almost the same length as a smart car?
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    Minnesota Registration

    Tedious but definitely worth the shot. Thanks for sharing your story rallyracer.
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    That's great to know. Have fun with the kit and give us some updates. ;)
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    Hey guys! My name is Henry. Awesome community you have here.