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    Sub Frame rust, I need your thoughts

    If you have an air compressor, buy a needle scaler. I prefer the pistol grip type. They work great on the type rust you have. After going over your subframe with the scaler, you'll have a pretty good idea its condition. The scaler will poke through any areas where the metal is thin.
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    Replacing high mileage parts

    You might consider dismantling the alternator and checking the condition of the bearings, brushes and commutator. Mine had one bad bearing, one bad brush and the commutator was questionable (122,000 miles on car). Because of the high cost of replacement, I bought a kit off Ebay and rebuilt it...
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    LNF Fuel Questions - Pump, Filter, and Baffles

    You can get fuel tank foam. I have no experience with it, but it would seem to me that would solve the fuel slosh problem.
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    WTB: Cobalt SS coupe shell

    I'm in Hixton, WI (near Black River Falls) I have my donor shell from a 2009 SS. I've been waiting to unload it until I'm sure I don't need anything from it. My computer is going in for repair today so I will be unable to check the forum for a few days. Once I'm sure I don't need it anymore, we...
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    Why so many masochistic car builders here???

    I'm also a first time builder. However, I've done enough mechanical projects to know challenges arise, so I expected some here. I installed an S&S 100 ci engine in my 2002 Buell S3T. On paper, easy, remove the old engine and bolt in the new. In reality, multiple challenges along the way. The...
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    Heater Hose

    To clarify; If my hose is your (Robinjo) best option, contact me with your address and I'll send it out. If any of that hose is used elsewhere besides the lower tubes, I'll need to know how much to cut off before I send it. I'm looking to get my shipping cost covered plus maybe a little extra...
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    Heater Hose

    For anyone wanting to know...My heater hose from DF is Gates 3270 Safety Stripe Heater Hose 1" 125.4mm. As best I can tell, the going price is about $4/foot. There is a surplus seller on Ebay with a 50' piece with a buy-it-now price of $88.88/free shipping. Robinjo, you may want to consider...
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    Heater Hose

    I'm going to run my coolant directly through the frame tubes so I won't be using the hose that came with my kit. Contact me if you can't get it conveniently some where else and we'll work something out.
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    Quickest build?

    I'm over two years now. My biggest problem is I have a 45' x 80' shop with plenty of room for multiple projects. No pressure to get the car project out of the way. MIne is also not going to be a standard build so many changes result in lots of time planning and engineering. Some guys have built...
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    Desert Sasqwatch #155 Track (mods) - 08 SS/TC crate LNF F40

    If anyone tears into one of these engines, I'd love to know if the connecting rods are forged.
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    Desert Sasqwatch #155 Track (mods) - 08 SS/TC crate LNF F40

    Like you, I bought the same engine from ATK. I'm still confused about whether it is a LNF or LDK. Have you determined that for sure? My concern is the LNF has forged connecting rods, the LDK does not.
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    I will second this. My donor had the GMPP clutch/flywheel kit when I bought it and all my research indicated it's a great clutch. I'm not on the road yet so I can't comment on how it works.
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    JCas Tacoma Wa city easy entry 07 LS #188 "REGISTERED"

    I have two F35's with LSD and neither says LSD on the data plate. The only way to know for sure is to look in the axle holes.
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    09 SS TC 5-spd reparable trans?

    Unless you know for sure how the transmission is internally, I wouldn't pay someone to weld it up unless you can get a super deal or weld it yourself. Having the LSD makes it desirable for parts; don't junk it.
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    5/110 to 5/114.3 conversion and brake information

    I looked at one of my hubs and it looks to me that your broken stud is most likely screwed in. The back side of the stud has no head which means if it was pressed in, it could be pulled out if the nut was overtightened. Wheel studs, which are pressed in, have a head which prevents them from...
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    DF Intercooler Effectiveness

    What I was actually considering was using both since I have both. The intake air from the turbo would make a pass through the W2A, then through the A2A, then into the engine intake. I'm hoping you guys think this is overkill and unnecessary.
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    DF Intercooler Effectiveness

    Does anyone have an opinion on how well the DF water-to-air intercooler with NACA ducting works in a SS/TC application? Other than a tune, my engine will remain stock, the car driven in a Wisconsin climate on rural roads, no racing planned. My donor came with a ZZP air-to-air intercooler and I'm...
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    Goblin Rear Control Arms

    I need some clarification. It was my understanding from past posts that the FE5 ball joints had a larger diameter stud and no one, including Moog, made a ball joint of the proper diameter. Have you measured the stud diameter of your old ball joint and Moog K80566? If they are the same, this is...
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    Clutch slave cylinder question

    You confirmed my suspicions, mine does not pump any air and certainly holds no vacuum. Thanks for checking this out for me. I see you have the same year SS as mine. If they are visible, would you be willing to see how many stud bolts are holding your transmission to the engine and where they are...
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    Clutch slave cylinder question

    Yes. It's called a "clutch actuator cylinder" in the service manual. Before I bolted it onto the transmission, I tried filling it with brake fluid. With the bleeder screw outside the transmission housing and this cylinder inside near the clutch, it didn't seem to me you could bleed the air out...