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  1. 95Blitz

    Are we at 500?

    I had ordered a month before I called to check on shipping. I was thinking it was coming by Stewart so I was expecting a longer wait time. But it might have slipped through a crack or something, it's coming UPS freight.
  2. 95Blitz

    WTB: LSJ Piston

    I need 1 used stock LSJ piston anybody got one?
  3. 95Blitz

    Denied registration in Indiana

    Love it and it matches the body lines too......
  4. 95Blitz

    Are we at 500?

    I talked to Adam yesterday and he said 495 had just sold. So congrats on 495... I was going to post about it but was to happy to hear that my hood, side panels, windshield should ship this week that I forgot. Also he said they have 1 order for the ReDub already.
  5. 95Blitz

    K series swap

    Justin's subframe was made by DF so not really custom. But yeah it can be done just motor and trans mounts use the subframe from a cobalt so you don't have to make your own suspension. If(when) I kill both of my LSJ's i'm going Kawi 1400.
  6. 95Blitz

    Coolant leak between engine and trans!?!?

    I commend your perseverance with this issue. I'm sure most of us would have thrown in the towel by now.
  7. 95Blitz

    Ready for electric water pump now..

    The plugs in my water pump are only blocking off where the shaft when through the housing, The inlet isn't installed in the pictures to show the plug locations.
  8. 95Blitz

    Ready for electric water pump now..

    Did you pull the impeller out of the factory water pump?
  9. 95Blitz

    New DF Shifter Review

    I'm with you guys the new shifter is great, I think a must have. I was in on the group buy of the other shifter and never could find 5th gear. With the new shifter it falls right into 5th like it should.
  10. 95Blitz

    LNF Turbo Heat Shield

    The factory heat shield is to protect the firewall, It will melt the sound deadening under the carpet if removed on the Cobalt. On the Goblin it's of no use.
  11. 95Blitz

    Coolant leak between engine and trans!?!? pics of the water pump without the shaft, gear and impeller in the way.
  12. 95Blitz

    Coolant leak between engine and trans!?!?

    Have you checked to too see if the oil cooler is leaking yet?
  13. 95Blitz

    Ready for electric water pump now..

    Not yet, I just got it on the road and will be waiting on this till I build my spare engine with the blanked out water pump housing.
  14. 95Blitz

    Alabama Registration Procedure

    Last thing that I registered that was looked at was an 2005 Kawi 636 but only because it was the first to be registered in the state. No I didn't drive it up for them to look at, but was ask to show a picture of it, i showed them one from the completed thread that had panels and a hood. I think...
  15. 95Blitz

    Alabama Registration Procedure

    Yeah I should have said the county tag office sorry about that. I know both of you guys have hoods and side panels, I do not, planning on in the future. Check this AL code.
  16. 95Blitz

    Alabama Registration Procedure

    Hey guy's did the DMV give you any grief about the title maybe being revoked? Because it looks like a dune buggy?
  17. 95Blitz

    Alabama Registration Procedure

    The inspector came by this morning and riveted the VIN to the frame. Just a few more steps and it's road legal.
  18. 95Blitz

    New brake lights

    Maxxima Round Hybrid (21 LED) Back Up Light
  19. 95Blitz

    Demo Ranch Goblin For Sale

    Man this thing is for sale AGAIN? Cursed or what?
  20. 95Blitz

    Manual Shifter Upgrade

    You email support yet? I would think they would take care of that...