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  1. Ross

    Mikes Extended, Full Frame Goblin - 2009 Cobalt LS with 135k donor

    Are the axles, wheel hubs, and pedal box the same?
  2. Ross

    Goblin picture game

    @Mahkoi, Since you completed the challenge, you get to pick our next objective. So what will it be?
  3. Ross

    Off Season Plans?

    @Dsteinhorst: Need an opportunity to make some welding frame modifications? Coolant line weld on barbs / AN connectors, or a harness bar? If you change the frame color, you can make changes.
  4. Ross

    Wiring Question

    Yes, you can cut that out, and just solder the remaining wires together. That is the GM Low Speed LAN wires.
  5. Ross

    Seb's Goblin #454 (2008 SS/TC donor)

    I was able to make my seat belts retract better by cleaning them, and spending some time to better align the recoiler with the shoulder strap.
  6. Ross

    Off Season Plans?

    That looks like a gutted AC compressor. The SC engine uses it like an idler pulley.
  7. Ross


    The DF line that comes from the clutch pedal goes in the left side of this image, the top of the image shows a black bleeder nipple, the bottom of this near the red arrow connects to the clutch pipe that sticks out of the transmission, coming from the TOB. That bleeder is hard to get to, on a...
  8. Ross


    The clip that locks the clutch line in place goes on this way. GM calls this thing a distribution block. The circled end of this clutch pipe is on the outside of the transmission, the silver end is inside, and goes to the TOB (Throw out bearing). The access hole in the transmission isn't...
  9. Ross

    Project Undertow #388

    I traced the low speed LAN wires.
  10. Ross

    timing chain job / discovered carnage / see how i fixed it

    Can the LNF use the Dorman bolt to fix this, like I did on my LSJ?
  11. Ross

    K series swap

    I have an RSX shifter in my car... just missing the K20A.
  12. Ross

    Ready for electric water pump now..

    Won't almost all your coolant flow go thru the red line? Why do you even have that line in there?
  13. Ross

    Squeaky heim joints

    Some people will only use dry lube (graphite) on open ball/heim joints, as oil or grease will hold dirt.
  14. Ross

    P0315 Crankshaft Position (CPK)

    Yes, PU is purple. How does a 2 wire crankshaft sensor work? 2 wire crank sensor is an inductive type sensor which consists of a sensor magnet and winding coil and a toothed wheel. As the reluctor ring or the toothed wheel comes closer to the crank sensor, the magnetic field fluctuates as a...
  15. Ross

    Flat Towing

    Your caster angle is what allows the front wheels to follow. Especially turning cornering. Of course there is lots of other things it could be.
  16. Ross

    Goblinfest 2023

    Alice and I are going to be their for Saturday dinner.
  17. Ross

    Ready for electric water pump now..

    @95Blitz since you blocked off the coolant entrance into your stock water pump, where are you going to add an entrance to your engine? Both Owenmachine and JSATX modified the stock water pump, and used this for the coolant entrance. I bought the DC8930 Davies Craig 12v EWP115 Nylon Water Pump...
  18. Ross

    Stripped Trans Fill Plug

    Weld a bolt is easier, a nut takes better welding skills.
  19. Ross

    Stripped Trans Fill Plug

    Weld a nut on top of it, works every time.