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  1. Vwsaabvt

    timing chain job / discovered carnage / see how i fixed it

    I wouldn't bother with JB anything for timing components unless you feel like wasting an engine. this isn't the upper bolt, it is the lower bolt in the same guide.
  2. Vwsaabvt

    Stripped Trans Fill Plug These work really well for stripped plugs
  3. Vwsaabvt

    Ah. B. Normal: GOB-BALT build has Started!

    Did you use distilled water?
  4. Vwsaabvt

    Coolant leak between engine and trans!?!?

    Stupid question, you don't have your hose from that location attached to your pcv hose do you?
  5. Vwsaabvt

    Robinjo #405 Full Cage - 2006 SS/SC Build "Drago"

    I saw this one last week at a show, looked like the donor was an older 5 speed ranger.
  6. Vwsaabvt

    Desert Sasqwatch #155 Track (mods) - 08 SS/TC crate LNF F40

    Grabbed a picture of your friend at Night Under Fire yesterday. Didn't notice any speed holes though ;)
  7. Vwsaabvt

    Enterprising individual needed

    Someone else was going to do this... Found the Video I think
  8. Vwsaabvt

    Unfortunately, I am never getting to this project

    I think they started doing that much later in frame numbers based on the old Archived *Official Builders Thread* I believe this is frame number 5 that was originally delivered to Olathe KS. @Jkean949 being that this is one of the original kits, what additional parts do you have with it...
  9. Vwsaabvt

    Crashed goblin - text out of the blue

    says Indiana title
  10. Vwsaabvt

    Sluggonaut's Extended Track #364 - 2007 SS/SC (Turbo) Donor
  11. Vwsaabvt

    Exhaust Manifold snapped off

    yes. put the nut at the surface and weld it, your weld material will fill the void below the surface and then fill the nut. The weld will only stick to the nut and the broken off piece of stud not the aluminum head, and the heat from welding will help remove it. You may have to attempt it...
  12. Vwsaabvt

    No Charge - Steering Arm Replacements - Stage 2 Kit Component

    doesn't look like you are putting the right part in there...
  13. Vwsaabvt

    Goblin "ABS Emulator" - disable ABS, traction control and brake warning lights

    re-read post 62 all the way through
  14. Vwsaabvt

    Heat Exchanger Question

    looks like some expensive farkles
  15. Vwsaabvt

    Ohio Inspection

    I failed my first inspection in Troy for no license plate light, wiper, and rear bumper. Got all three put on and no problem on the re-inspection at the same station. They didn't say anything about a front bumper or the DF windscreen for mine. When you got your "fail" it should have...
  16. Vwsaabvt

    LSJ Z54 Turbo Swap

    can you clock the inlet side far enough back and run it over the bar instead of under it?
  17. Vwsaabvt

    Rock Auto Goblin Magnet

    I've got a bunch, but still haven't received a goblin one. My dad has one order from them and ends up with 2 of that magnet
  18. Vwsaabvt

    DF Quick Release Steering Wheel How To

    if you are going to use a different wheel you could buy source your own quick release and hub adapter and save a little money
  19. Vwsaabvt

    Goblin "ABS Emulator" - disable ABS, traction control and brake warning lights

    you plug it in and use it once. Can't be used again. So now it just sits on my desk at work.
  20. Vwsaabvt


    nah, just get a credit card with a 0% intro for 21 months then when you get close open another card with a good intro rate and low balance transfer fee.