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  1. TravMac

    Off Season Plans?

    Yup! I race up with the folks in the Saginaw Valley Region and made nearly every event last year. Wasn't able to make anything this year, but hoping to get back to it soon!
  2. TravMac

    Off Season Plans?

    The car has really been great this year. Even though I have not made a single race with life happening, the few cruises in a registered car have been a blast. I'm thinking this winter will be a few of the little things (other than just maintenance). For Driving: Upgraded shifter install...
  3. TravMac

    Michigan builders.

    Honestly, same here. Nothing wrong with the car, just more stuff I have to do this weekend. Hopefully will at least take the car out for a spin around town
  4. TravMac

    Michigan builders.

    I'm going to try and make it. Haven't had a single event work with this year's schedule, so I'm really itching to go... But also not holding my breath if something comes up
  5. TravMac

    Woodward Cruise

    I had a few folks text me about seeing all the cars. They sure do look great in a group. Looking forward to making one of these events!
  6. TravMac

    My goblin is......

    Really burning through gas! Did 90 miles this weekend on e85 and went from what I thought was nearly full to what looked like nearly empty. Time to do some testing!
  7. TravMac

    Michigan builders.

    I'd try to make Thursday! I probably can't Friday or Saturday with a few other things pop up. Do we have a meeting spot for sure now? Or still figuring out with number of people?
  8. TravMac

    Michigan builders.

    Heyy yea, I still have them on my car. I know we talked about me keepin em after I picked em up so not to worry about the picky cops near me too. But can always lend them out again if someone needed for a few days. Can text me too if ya need
  9. TravMac

    What needs to improve at the Goblin?

    A lot has been said about suspension (and agree, it's well beyond many of us to say it's "bad"), but one thing to count on spending good money on is a good wheel and tire. Nothing will ruin your experience more than spinning around like you're on ice because you opted for some cheap "performance...
  10. TravMac

    Why are so many Goblins for sale?

    Another thing to keep in mind is you'll always understand the car better if you build yourself. There's certainly a lot of "custom" paths that are taken which makes each goblin unique. That has been a pain for some folks who buy a car, run into a problem, and run into some headache solving it...
  11. TravMac

    NRG vs 9Lives

    Working on analysis as a day job (Structural, not fluid... but it applies), I can tell you that there's a lot of basic understanding out there, but the magic is in the details of numbers. I think seeing comments like "CFD tested" are funny because you can test a cow using software, and not...
  12. TravMac

    DF Mirrors with Blinkers - Need help

    I think the split for those wires ends up somewhere in the center tunnel area of the car by the shifter. I ran into something similar on mine, only it was flipped for headlight high beams and turn signals on both sides. I can't remember if the tunnel was where the original splice is, or if...
  13. TravMac

    Michigan builders.

    That one might be on my radar, but not 100% sure yet. Is it the one in Livonia?
  14. TravMac

    Fenix's Goblin #461 - 2010 Base Auto

    Funny what one little wire can do... good find! When does the next stage come?
  15. TravMac

    Fenix's Goblin #461 - 2010 Base Auto

    I'm pretty sure they are turn signal wires (just went to my car and realized it was all taped up for "water proofing", so 90% confident). Have you tried to swap relays? It seems like key wants to try if your gauge is also dropping as if there's a voltage change. There are more unique issues...
  16. TravMac

    Autocross for newbies

    I agree with the general suspension comments - a little more soft rear made a lot of difference planting the tire through the turn rather than just rolling off the outside edge from the weight bias pushing past the limit of the rubber. Tire selection will also make a big change in how the car...
  17. TravMac

    TravMac's Extended Track Goblin (#253) - 2007 SS/SC Doner

    Well got it out and about! I'm amazed how different you have to drive it cruising around town compared to ripping around at autocross. Now I understand a lot of folks with bounce in the throttle. A few miles in figured bracing against the center tunnel helped a lot. Did some highway, some back...
  18. TravMac

    TravMac's Extended Track Goblin (#253) - 2007 SS/SC Doner

    We are a special bunch up here lol. I went with the throwback plate over the others... it just looks the best I think. Though the new digital plates are interesting. All great ideas for the paperwork storage. The bag under the seat idea was on my mind. That's how my motorcycle has it, so...
  19. TravMac

    TravMac's Extended Track Goblin (#253) - 2007 SS/SC Doner

    And just like that (many weeks later) it's ready to hit the road! Time for some good pictures in "street" trim tonight, and a rip around the block to find some E85 stations. Going to have to pull my front wing mounts too - they hang just a bit too low and scrape in the driveway. Hopefully the...
  20. TravMac

    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    Ran into it on my engine maintenance a couple times. Might have to give it a swift tap with something to get it to activate. Squeezing isn't always enough