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  1. Rauq

    Pikes peak/ Hillclimb

    You going to redo your gussets now?
  2. Rauq

    Mikes Extended, Full Frame Goblin - 2009 Cobalt LS with 135k donor

    Rockauto gives the same part number for an '06 LSJ and '10 LAP so I'd assume the accelerator pedal is the same.
  3. Rauq

    Mikes Extended, Full Frame Goblin - 2009 Cobalt LS with 135k donor

    Clutch and flywheel will need to match the hub on the crank which is different between the 2.2/2.4 (6 bolt) and 2.0 (8 bolt). Axles and hubs will work just fine since you're not changing the trans. I believe later model donors have potentiometer sensors on the clutch and brake pedals, early...
  4. Rauq

    MX184's Roadster Bodied Track Goblin #311 Log

    Were you on Drag Week in the Malibu or did you just catch them passing through somewhere?
  5. Rauq

    Neodied's #375 Extended Track - 07 SS/SC donor

    STFTs don't look suspect to me. That's how it dials towards stoich with a sensor that can only read like 14.6-14.8, is to shoot high and then low and target oscillating around stoich with each swing. If it shoots high and then low and never reads rich, then it knows it's lean. Eventually...
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    Off Season Plans?

  7. Rauq

    Service Manuals

  8. Rauq

    Dan's #495 build (2006 SS/SC)

    Welcome! I believe there will be two Goblins at SCCA Time Trials at RA the first weekend of November. I'm going to try to make it out to spectate and possibly run their shush session TNiA-type thing from 10-12 Sunday.
  9. Rauq

    Denied registration in Indiana

    So then, logically, Wranglers with no doors (and Broncos, too, lately) are off-road vehicles and not passenger vehicles?
  10. Rauq

    Goblin #196 + trailer for sale

    What will become of my favorite source of Goblin YT entertainment?! Shoutout to one of the top Goblins that's been places and done things. Buyer will be getting an accomplished build.
  11. Rauq

    LSJ Boost Sensor/Solenoid

    Is this helpful in the meantime?
  12. Rauq

    Running cold

    Or to put it this way, on a cold engine (off for 8+ hours), what does the computer indicate are the IAT and ECT? They should be within a few degrees of each other.
  13. Rauq

    Neodied's #375 Extended Track - 07 SS/SC donor

    I believe with an '07 donor you will have a DRL fuse in your fuse box. With it in and the ambient light sensor plugged in, in the daytime, you should get half voltage on the high beams. Pull the DRL fuse and you get nothing during the day unless you turn on the headlights or park lamps on the stalk.
  14. Rauq

    Making HP. LNF, LSJ, LE5, LAP vs L61

    If you think you'll stop at 240, supercharge it. If you think you'll stop at 300, then maybe swapping everything over to an LNF makes sense. You'll need to swap the computer and engine wiring harness. Not sure if you'll need to swap the BCM and if that would require wiring revisions as well. But...
  15. Rauq

    Manual Shifter Upgrade

    From what I recall, I pulled the seats to make it easier to remove the parking brake. With the seats out, pulling the tunnel cap isn't bad at all. I got the new shifter completely installed in an afternoon with a buddy.
  16. Rauq

    Goblin picture game

    No dice. Someone had to do it!
  17. Rauq

    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    I don't really have an apples to apples comparison as I added the duct at the same time I added the turbo. Before the duct, I had to make sure the fan was running to control IAT2. With the duct, IAT2 is a little bit lower, but more importantly, as long as you're moving, having the fan on or off...
  18. Rauq

    Goblin picture game

    Up next, a Goblin with a pumpkin in it. I know, Halloween's still forever away, and I think the 1/3 of a Home Depot that is now skeletons and witches is a bit ridiculous, but it gives you time, and plus it'll be fun to see when stores start getting actual pumpkins in.
  19. Rauq

    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    Like this?
  20. Rauq

    New DF Shifter Review

    I too went from the stock shifter to DF's shifter. The difference is comparable to driving a Cobalt versus driving a Goblin.