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  1. Cheesewheels


    I just got denied Hagerty after being sent over from Progressive and Hagerty said they couldn't insure it since it was "an open cockpit vehicle". We are trying to avoid the typical classic car insurance since it doesn't allow us to drive to/from work or errands. We got an ok quote from USAA but...
  2. Cheesewheels

    Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valve Kit

    I talked to Adam last week about it and it sounds like they'd be putting them up on the website here soon. Didn't give a set date or price.
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    If you're going to be leaving it up in the air for a while I think you'd have a hard time beating regular old jack stands. they are smaller and stay out of the way. If you can't get your jack under the car just drive up on some spare scrap wood. If nothing else the plastic wheel ramps at Advance...
  4. Cheesewheels

    Justin Back at it

    I wish we could start a pre-order or pre-sale commit list of all of us that want them! I'm in a position where I need to replace all my control arm bushings, still have the steel arms, and I plan on taking it to get professionally aligned ASAP. I'd HAPPILY drop some money on it to get one ASAP...
  5. Cheesewheels

    Dragon Motorsports 2.0 [Extended\Open-Frame\Easy Entry Door Bars] - [2007 LSJ SS Donor] - [Frame #392]

    It's wild to me what commercial poweder coaters are charging and the lead times! I guess they are all so swapped that our "small" jobs are just not worth their time. I just used the Rustoleum Farm Implement Enamel on a lot of other parts and it turned out well. Advantage of this over...
  6. Cheesewheels

    Shift Cable Linkage - HAVE ITEM!

    I MIGHT have one. I was missing one of the two and ended up going with the upgraded shifter. I'm out of state or I'd go check right now. I'll keep an eye on this post in case you don't find one.
  7. Cheesewheels

    USB Charging Port

    I use the Blue Seas Systems stuff for everything. I already have a few of their USB chargers in a couple vehicles.
  8. Cheesewheels

    Adjustable Rear Suspension

    @Lonny any update on the new subframe? I'm about to spend a bunch on FE5 arms and other parts and would much rather give you guys the money!
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    I'm right behind these guys. Just bought a ton of M4 rivnuts for our build. One thing I QUICKLY noticed with my larger Asto 1442 tool it was way too much for the smaller rivnuts. Not only was it too large and awkward for some spots, but I had managed to pull the threads out of the rivnuts on my...
  10. Cheesewheels

    USB Charging Port

    I did the exact same thing! Took my RAM that I took off my old Road King and put it right on the goblin. Once we get ours plated we are working on a whole new dash similar to this. We went back and fourth between those stainless push buttons and the waterproof rockers. How do you like those buttons?
  11. Cheesewheels

    NM registration

    I'm going over the MVD-10053 and just saw it requires a windshield wiper and reflectors. Did you have those on your car when you got it registered?
  12. Cheesewheels

    Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valve Kit

    I'm for sure interested. Any idea on what we can expect for a price?
  13. Cheesewheels

    Alternative Engine/Trans Choices

    Nothing more than just throwing ideas out ideas since most of us are aware that DF Kit Car are actively looking into another platform. It's no surprise that the cobalt donor supply dwindles as Goblin popularity increases at a faster and faster rate. I love our goblin and it's simplicity and was...
  14. Cheesewheels

    Alternative Engine/Trans Choices

    If you're talking about the roadster base it it's still $20k by the time you get independent rear suspension and a few odds and ends. There's a 100% chance we get a F5 kit if I ever sell our gobin. Just hard to start at $20k+ before you've even got an engine. It would be worth it if you wanted...
  15. Cheesewheels

    Alternative Engine/Trans Choices

    The F5 kits are next level and will take a lot of different combos, but they are multiple times more expensive. Think of that ammount of compatibility, but simplified down to goblin level. More along the lines of something like how an Exocet is setup except without needing a specific donor like...
  16. Cheesewheels

    Alternative Engine/Trans Choices

    As much as I love the goblin's current platform I think an unbeatable version would be something that's more universal. Essentially something front engine that could take anything from a LS/LFX/LT/Hemi/Coyote engine with plenty of room to toss any transmission you could think of behind it. After...
  17. Cheesewheels

    Manual Trans shifter cable bracket

    Do you need to have the solid transmission mount for this bracket to work? My cables don't clear my transmission mount with this bracket.
  18. Cheesewheels

    *Official Builders Thread* -- Where are you located?

    Floridawoman and I are in Clovis NM #192 extended track SS/SC