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  1. RCK605

    Dan's #495 build (2006 SS/SC)

    Another item to ponder is the 5x114.3 hubs. I considered going that route to eliminate the need for adapters, but after some discussions decided against them. The main reason was that if you need to replace the hub, a standard hub is a direct swap. You don't have to get it drilled before installing.
  2. RCK605

    Denied registration in Indiana

    Do they define the requirements of a door? If you zip tied a piece of plexiglass on the side that swings open and closed, would that be considered a door? Once registered you can take them off because they're removable like a wrangler!
  3. RCK605

    Joe's 2009 F40 SS/TC #470

    I just did that step today. This is how I did it. Might not be correct, but seems to work.
  4. RCK605

    2009 Cobalt 2.2l normally asperated 5 speed Wire Labels

    My donor is a 2005 SS and it has different fuel pump wires from the videos. The easiest thing to do is buy a new fuel pump and connector pigtail that matches the videos.
  5. RCK605

    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    Probably fine, but I also cut those off and changed to rubber because I didn't like them. I would still keep an eye on any wear points or wrap those areas with something.
  6. RCK605

    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    Does it have any type of jacket or covering on the outside? I would be concerned of the nylon or PTFE rubbing through easily. Also, is it rated for 60+ psi or whatever your pump puts out?
  7. RCK605

    Steering Wheel Switch Plate

    That might make it easier. I am looking into using the factory wiring. We'll see what comes of it.
  8. RCK605

    Steering Wheel Switch Plate

    Have you tested the wiring and figured all of that out for removing the multiswitch? I've started looking into this myself and any information that you can provide would be helpful.
  9. RCK605

    RCK605's Track Goblin #438 - 05 SS/SC

    Slowly chipping away at what I can until my Stage 2 and 3 parts are ready to pick up. I got my headlights, mirrors, tail lights, and secondary HE and fans mounted. Working on getting everything wired. I bought a relay box to control my IC pump, DF supplied HE fan, and my two additional HE fans...
  10. RCK605


    I was initiated with a ball hitch to the knee as kid kid. I learned to watch where I'm walking and give plenty of room around vehicles. I still walk an arch around the back of my truck even though I never have a hitch in the receiver.
  11. RCK605

    Goblin picture game

    I'll take skeletons and witches in September over the Christmas trees I saw in Costco in August!
  12. RCK605

    RCK605's Track Goblin #438 - 05 SS/SC

    Made some more progress over the weekend. Saturday I painted the subframe, control arms, and knuckles. To help pass the time I loaded up the pellet grill. Today I bolted in the subframe, mounted the cluster, and started mounting my heat exchanger and tail lights. I still need to put the...
  13. RCK605

    Pedal box talk

    If you are going to do all that cutting and welding, why not weld a corner back onto your current one, drill a hole, weld on a piece of tube for a spacer?
  14. RCK605

    Desert Sasqwatch #155 Track (mods) - 08 SS/TC crate LNF F40

    Those look familiar!
  15. RCK605

    RCK605's Track Goblin #438 - 05 SS/SC

    I'm pretty sure I just have to swap a couple of wires around. Either that or my float arm is stuck and showing full.
  16. RCK605

    Matt3458's Daily Goblin - 2006 SS/SC #480

    I just went through that this weekend. To my surprise it appears that I did everything correctly and engine fired of without issue. Well, no electrical issues anyway.
  17. RCK605

    RCK605's Track Goblin #438 - 05 SS/SC

    I got the fuse box installed and everything connected. To my surprise she turned over first try. Ran to the parts store to get some 3/8 fuel line so I could try a first start. There were a couple user error issues to work through. I cut off the plastic fuel lines from the pump and replaced...
  18. RCK605

    RCK605's Track Goblin #438 - 05 SS/SC

    Engine is in the frame. I don't have a battery yet, so the bag of rocks is my counterweight. If things go smooth tomorrow maybe I'll get to attempt a first start. The rest of the parts are on order from DF. Hopefully the weather cools down a little by the time they are ready to be picked up.
  19. RCK605

    RCK605's Track Goblin #438 - 05 SS/SC

    Haven't updated in a while, but have almost finished Stage 1. I'm to the point of installing the engine and attempting a first start. While the engine was out I added the ZZP dual pass and stainless header.