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  1. Sluggonaut

    Goblinfest 2023

    I wish I could make it back this year. Hopefully, next year is in the cards. Safe driving all!
  2. Sluggonaut

    Won't take my money.

    The current turbo with E85 and a tune could probably exceed your goals. I'd put the money for cams towards that.
  3. Sluggonaut

    Off Season Plans?

    Install my footwell cover. It was on my build list and ignored. I was on last off-season's list and ignored. Maybe the third time's the charm.
  4. Sluggonaut

    Making HP. LNF, LSJ, LE5, LAP vs L61

    The larger turbos may not build boost right away but the K04 has no lag whatsoever and provides instant power.
  5. Sluggonaut

    Josh's City Goblin - 10 XFE Donor

    I'm running E85 on the stock fuel pump setup and it was E85 in Cobalt trim for some time before I Goblin'd it. I haven't seen any issues.
  6. Sluggonaut

    Flat Towing

    I towed mine over 10 hours to Goblin Fest last year and had no issues whatsoever. If the tires are dragging there's something going on back there.
  7. Sluggonaut

    RC Cars

    I've got too many RC's to list and not many pics. I dug up some of the old stuff to work on since the Goblin list is short again and to have something to do over the winter that doesn't require working in the cold garage. I'll post more pics as I go through everything, but the first one on the...
  8. Sluggonaut

    brake booster spacer?

    Is it safe to assume those with the new model master cylinders had the spacer and the old models did not? My 2007 SS/SC has the old model MC and no spacer.
  9. Sluggonaut

    Dragon Motorsports 2.0 [Extended\Open-Frame\Easy Entry Door Bars] - [2007 LSJ SS Donor] - [Frame #392]

    What's a good price on these? I've been thinking about getting some for a while now, but not sure what the 'buy price' is on these.
  10. Sluggonaut

    Automatic Shifter Options

    Prowire has a coiled 4-wire cord for much cheaper than you find on car sites.
  11. Sluggonaut

    *Official Builders Thread* -- Where are you located?

    Were you going for Ornery or Honorary? Maybe both? lol
  12. Sluggonaut


    I have the same camber bolts but haven't used them yet. I am reconsidering my alignment specs because both front and rear camber seem very aggressive for my use case (spirited street driving) so I may end up installing them soon. My suspension hardware check revealed that the top bolt on both...
  13. Sluggonaut

    ***SCAM ALERT***

    Yep, that is why I posted this here as I knew it was the same scam as before and I wanted to bump the thread for the new members and awareness.
  14. Sluggonaut

    ***SCAM ALERT***

    I'm not sure what you mean by info other than Gkskull sent me a DM on the forum telling me to contact Lechlis about the harness belt I had posted about in my ISO post. I remembered Lechlis posting about a scam previously and found this thread during the search and it's the same exact scenario...
  15. Sluggonaut

    ***SCAM ALERT***

    Gkskull is still doing it. I received a DM from Gkskull today indicating I needed to contact Lechlis about some parts. I just wanted to bump this for those who haven't seen it yet.
  16. Sluggonaut

    2009 LAP NA. 5 Speed Fuel pump and plug at pump

    The Goblin tanks are specific to the model. I believe there is one tank for the 2005-2007's and one tank for the 2008-2010's. So if you ordered a '05/'06 fuel pump but have a kit for a '09 donor it will not fit most likely.
  17. Sluggonaut

    Scotts 2009 SS/TC #478

    It used to be that shows would reward regulars who couldn't win the main awards with the participation awards.
  18. Sluggonaut

    Matt3458's Daily Goblin - 2006 SS/SC #480

    This ^ It was great finishing the harness but then waiting for the kit and worrying about whether I did it right as I worked towards the first start was not so fun.
  19. Sluggonaut

    Scotts 2009 SS/TC #478

    That's a pretty narrow-minded, broad brush stroke covering Subarus, but I have seen some that match that stereotype.
  20. Sluggonaut

    Sluggonaut's Extended Track #364 - 2007 SS/SC (Turbo) Donor

    Finished up just about everything except the footwell cover. That will go on the list of off-season projects that should be starting in just a couple of months. I got some Falkens mounted to the wheels I bought last year on a deep discount and got those mounted today. It should look a lot...